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  1. You could tell how excited the Ravens were for 5 free yards.
  2. Did I get sucked into a different timeline ala Rick and Morty?
  3. Bizarre strategy. I have no clue what the Ravens are thinking.
  4. Someone in my league did too (not my opponent). He has Semian on bench who he added. I wonder how many of these were from people not realizing the early start of the game and didn't set lineup.
  5. West has 1 more yard than Allen on 60% fewer touches. #MorebangforyourBuck
  6. Let's talk about something exciting. Kicker options for example. Who you guys like between McManus and Parkey?
  7. Why does NFL mobile stream behind Yahoo? NFL mobile still has the Ravens with the ball.
  8. You are talking about hard nosed grinding football. We are talking in the modern day about 15 incomplete passes, 1 pass interference, 1 deep ball, and that is what sets up the FGs.
  9. IDK about you guys, but I am VERY excited for the Jags to run it 40 times to 10 pass attempts for the remainder of the game and win in a 16-14 thriller.
  10. I guess that means you didn't start Garcon? And that is tough bc I know Nelson is banged up and a MNF game IIRC.
  11. Uh, yeah okay. If you think Allen > Henry hype this week, you are mistaken.
  12. I still don't understand who the NFL does this during the year. Why not preseason games? The EPL doesn't come over for their regular season do they? They just come over and do exhibition matches during the offseason.
  13. **looks at roster** Henry easy one for me. Damn dude, I would have even taken Riddick or Coleman over Allen. Riddick in a shoot out and no Dwayne Washington, and he split nearly 50/50 snaps with AA last week. Coleman if they get up to grind the clock against the Lions. Maybe even Thompson though that is a murky situation. Still a lot of game to go, Allen still has time.
  14. I'd say most people added him or Hurns after AR15 went down. Or, have no faith in the Jags passing the ball consistently.
  15. Why I still watching since I am facing Gurley? It is like being captured and the terrorists say they will torture you piece by piece and worrying about which end they are going to start at. Doesn't matter, you are toast, just like this week.
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