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  1. This is going to be one on those midnight end times for those of us on EST isnt it?
  2. Aldrick Robinson > Tavon Austin. Except for the $50 million contract.
  3. For those that watched the game how did he look? Two years ago he was great, then last year happened. Anyone regularly watch the Jags?
  4. Only way I see that working is if you got TY AND Nuk, then packaged two of TY/NUK/Dez/Hill for Julio. He doesn't need the RB help so it would have to be a WR package. Considering you start 3 WR, it might be worth it as it would leave with Julio and two of the above ones. I'm not sure he'd jump for it. That is how I view it at least.
  5. 1st is decent. Miller for Ty is fine. 2nd is best IMO, don't give up Martin though 3rd I wouldn't do. Too high of a price for a guy who is banged up. Wouldn't mind a go at Julio either, and I'd try that before settling on one of the current offers.
  6. I'd do it. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/669236-finger-on-the-trigger-whir/
  7. You should expect more action. I would be more concerned with how the coaching staff decided Washington should be in there before Riddick AND on 3rd and longs. Washington got hurt, so that should take that option away from the staff.
  8. Couldn't it be him counting the days he has avoided drugs?
  9. I like Gore and then Coleman in that order. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/669236-finger-on-the-trigger-whir/
  10. I don't like AJ Green. Fournette has been good and is going to be fed.
  11. I'd rather have JStew and Cobb. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/669236-finger-on-the-trigger-whir/
  12. Relevant information 12 team PPR We start 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex WR Parker ODB Tyrell Williams TE Gronk Ertz I've got an offer of Ertz+Williams for Cooper and throw in of Funchess or Sanu (my choice). I badly want to do this, but I'm holding myself back because I think that Ertz is going to be a monster this year and I could plug him in for Gronks spot if he is hurt. I've been flexing Ertz so far this year. In this league the difference between the two players was 50 points last season. What do you guys think? I'd hate to
  13. Are the Browns interested in his return? Is this him personally pushing for it or is the team assisting with it as well?
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