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  1. How long does it takes for the paperwork to be reviewed? Does this mean if reinstated he can play immediately? Are there any other parts of the process he would have to go through?
  2. Throwing stats out and then asking about the eye test? He didn't pass the eye test. He is good in space. Asking him to find a crease is something beyond him.
  3. Wasn't impressed, the long run salvaged the day. He loves to bounce it outside until he runs out of space. He doesn't cut it inside when there is going to nothing outside.
  4. He did clutch his leg around the ankle area and stayed down a few seconds before the lineman helped him up. I'd still sell if I had him, especially if someone didn't watch teh game.
  5. Why did he stop and run to the left? Run to the corner! Looks like he hurt his leg.
  6. As a Lions fan, I'm bizarrely unexcited about our team right now. Beat the Cards (who barely beat Indy) and now the scrub Giants. I will take the wins, but not really sure how good this team.
  7. The Lions have been trying to burn the clock since half. Pretty pathetic our only score has been a ST play. When this offense stalls, it STALLS.
  8. IIRC, he was criticizing Winston on Hard Knocks for his dumb throw in a similar situation by the GL, with Winston just throwing it up and getting picked off.
  9. Pushed in back into oncoming ball carrier by ODB. He seemed to be acting like his back was hurting, but it could be neck or shoulder as well. It didn't look good. He is being evaluated on the sideline right now.
  10. Gruden, "one of the truly GREAT throws you will ever see". Stupid, and desperate were my two choices.
  11. Female in the stands doing her best to entice me to keep the TV on.
  12. They should give a test if you want to be an OC. You call for a draw on 1st and 30 and they stop it there and tell you to go home.
  13. Speculating on him based on just looking at him on the sidelines, he seems unhappy. Not angry, he just seems kind of sad and off. IDK if that is just me or what. (Talking about Marshall)
  14. The scary thing is this game is 17-7. If Eli would stop derping for a half second I'd be scared.
  15. He looked good on one run. He looks slow and bounces it all the time.
  16. Some guys can get skinny and find a crease. He can't.
  17. Abdullah is one of those guys who needs space, he doesn't make good reads in between the tackles. You give him a hole and he can dance, but ask him to find a crease between the tackles and he isn't that effective. If we had a good Oline it would work, but it doesn't.
  18. The scary thing is that Eli is, most times, getting plenty of time. Coverage may be tight, but you know if you have to get rid of it or dump it off or roll out or something.
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