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  1. The scary thing is this game is 17-7. If Eli would stop derping for a half second I'd be scared.
  2. He looked good on one run. He looks slow and bounces it all the time.
  3. Some guys can get skinny and find a crease. He can't.
  4. Abdullah is one of those guys who needs space, he doesn't make good reads in between the tackles. You give him a hole and he can dance, but ask him to find a crease between the tackles and he isn't that effective. If we had a good Oline it would work, but it doesn't.
  5. The scary thing is that Eli is, most times, getting plenty of time. Coverage may be tight, but you know if you have to get rid of it or dump it off or roll out or something.
  6. AA doesn't have very good vision between the tackles. Him and Riddick overlap with Riddick being the better receiver. Washington is overrated, he has no vision. Zenner is their best between the tackles runner, but they hate him.
  7. This guy, **points to self** thought he was smart and would trade from BMarsh to backup Odell, in case he didn't play. I figured he'd be a decoy so still rolled with BMarsh.
  8. If that was a woman we know Cromartie could have finished..................that tackle.
  9. Caldwell loves Washington. All he did was screw up last week and got removed from KR duties and coach was all about him not losing his job.
  10. Really scared as Riddick owner seeing Washington in there on these 3rd downs.
  11. I should adjust that. It isn't a bad trade, I just think you can get a tad more for Lynch. If you had to I would do it. Put out feelers with the AJ owner as well.
  12. Lynch for Parker is too high. Can you give a breakdown of their rosters?
  13. 1st one isn't fair. 2nd one could work. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/668273-doomed/
  14. What is Kelley injury? I didn't think they were broken. I would not cut yet. I'd rather cut Amendola. Yes to all your adds. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/668273-doomed/
  15. I like Parker over Landry, but I'd want something better than Thompson. Is there anything a bit more stable he could throw in with Parker?
  16. I wouldn't do either one. I'd rather trade Hyde for Crabtree though. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/668273-doomed/
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