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  1. I would gamble with your depth there. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/668273-doomed/
  2. Not a lot of depth. Anyway you could swing a trade of AP/Hooper/Maclin for a bit of an upgrade at WR? I'd also get Tolbert if he is available for you. I'd def go trade the more I look at the construction. See if you can give someone their handcuff and a WR. Maybe buy low on Pryor and see if someone bites. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/668273-doomed/
  3. ASJ for me, thinking Jets will be desperate facing Miami next week and trying to keep up. Kupp would be the drop for me as well, but not in love with either move.
  4. I'd say no, then saw your roster and I'd probably do it with your depth. I'd still go after other guys first. Maybe go after a Pryor (if you like him).
  5. Cobb is getting an MRI on shoulder so I wouldn't.
  6. I like Parker too much for that trade. I've never liked AA. I wouldn't do it. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/668273-doomed/
  7. Yeah, in standard, I'd lean ODJ. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/668273-doomed/
  8. I'd take it. Henry is the future, and it might be right now. Mariota could be a keeper for you, but you also have Alex Smith on bench so there is depth. I'd do it.
  9. All are http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/668273-doomed/
  10. 14 team standard league QB - Cousins WR - Pryor, Parker, Thielen RB - Coleman, Henry, Carson, Hill, Kerywnn Williams, Tolbert TE - Gronk, Clay K - McManus DEF- Pats We start 3 WR, 2RB, 1TE, and a flex. I already lost DJ, ARob, Woodhead, and Kevin White. Very thin WW. Semian is best QB on WW, RB it is Malcolm Brown, WR is Kearse, Fowler, and Deonte Thompson. (based off points, and to give you an idea of how thin it is) Is anyone on this roster even desirable? Or do I have the injury + buy low squad at the mo
  11. Having this guy rostered is my only bright spot at the moment.... And yeah Seattle's OLine sucks, but he looked the best behind it, and I will take that all day. Can't wait for those GL carries.
  12. Anyone on NFL mobile? I was further ahead in the game, and then it loaded and pushed me back. Is there an intentional delay?
  13. Oh right, because McCoy and Murray have the same running style. Watching Murray getting shotgun handoffs for cross formation sweeps at the 2 was extremely effective. You are also touting a guy who also isn't a coach in the NFL any more because...of the offense he ran and its lack of success and signing players who didn't work in it.
  14. Easily the cut someone and stash candidate going into Monday. If something happens, you beat everyone to the WW and it isn't like there is a stud in front of him. At worst, he has a cool name for your D&D dark elf character. He cost you nothing.
  15. Uhhhh, you mean in that awful Chip Kelly offense? I'm blaming Kelly for that one. He went to Tenn and was a stud again.
  16. He seemed to have all the tough catches. He bailed out Cutler on some throws, circus catches over the top of corners. I'm also annoyed it seemed Landry got all the easy stuff close. Any word on Landry? He hurt his knee blocking the play before the FG IIRC.
  17. Miami coach is a retard. Unbelievable. There was no way Chargers could have setup in time. Chaos after that Rivers run, no one knew what to do. Miami calls timeout. He is lucky Chargers missed or he would have been run out of town.
  18. Finally gets a ball, and holy crap he did all the work on it! What a catch!
  19. Physically? He is back out there. In your fantasy lineup? Not okay at the moment.
  20. Big play by Parker, drew a 15 yard penalty.
  21. Parker just got wrecked, hit and landed and stayed down. Got up after about 30 seconds.
  22. LOL, Gurley was pointing downfield when Goff looked at him. THROW IT THERE!
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