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  1. Somehow I drafted DJohnson, Gronk, ARob, and KWhite (not a big deal) in a 14 team league. Please let Gronk be okay. Best TE's available on the WW in this league are Demetrius Harris, Virgil Green, and Seth DeValve.
  2. Me - Concussion, from bashing my head against the wall. Waiting for evaluation, could be out remainder of season.
  3. I feel like they are off a bit this year in their coverage. Missing stuff when they should go to double box. The weird "red alert" plays which is stuff we should be shown live. Rusty I guess.
  4. Except you don't know if he is playing or not until it is too late to replace him.
  5. It's like the hot girl you hit it off with and get her number. You make plans to meet again. Right now you are sitting at the bar waiting to see if she shows.
  6. A decent QB. He has had some solid flashes. Might be able to take the next step.
  7. I've never been a fan, but took him in the late rounds. I've seen him play a bit, and watched the game on Thursday. It seemed like a lot of edge runs called for him when I always thought of him as a downhill between the tackles guy.
  8. It definitely didn't seem dink and dunk like what I'd seen previously. Only times I typically saw Smith go downfield often on a drive is if they were down a lot. At least against the Pats they aggressively attacked and it seemed different, at least to my casual eyes. Whether it was, or keeps up, I don't know.
  9. Top QB gets hurt, backup sucks (though he got hurt in the movie), and that leaves us Brissett. Has a very....... vibe.
  10. Washington sucks. Everyone just loves his 40 time, but the rest of his measurables aren't even the best on the team. The guy couldn't win the starting job in college, and I'm baffled by the teams willingness to give this guy chance after chance. He was easily the worst RB last year, and his YPC was almost a full yard behind Zenner. http://lionswire.usatoday.com/2017/09/10/studs-and-duds-from-the-lions-victory-over-the-cardinals/ Washington’s first three snaps all came on special teams and all resulted in poor field position for the Lions. His first snap was a miscalc
  11. 14 team league with 3 WR and a flex, so not a lot of stuff out there on the WW. Lost DJ, AR15, and Kevin White first week. Gronk and Pryor dropped turds. Parker got Irma'd. My remaining RB's are Henry, Hill, Gio, and Coleman.
  12. I hope the Broncos don't just 3 run plays and out it the remainder of the game. Just finish them off, run your offense.
  13. LOL so derpy. Burn a TO and then get blown up on 4th and 1.
  14. I'm pretty sure my HS announcers are more knowledgeable about the game and the players on the field.
  15. I google the guy and all of his wiki etc is in Spanish. Did ESPN really go super cheap and have him double dipp on both broadcasts? Save money on a reporter? Not knocking the guy, but good lord, they certainly aren't putting him in a position to succeed or look good.
  16. IDK if it is her normal voice, or she is trying to go for a certain tone and changing it. It sounds fake, the cadence isn't natural, and she sounds like she is trying to read and follow the game. Very poor choice.
  17. This is like a quadriplegic lecturing a paraplegic how lucky they are.
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