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  1. How is it still Sports Authority Field when they went bankrupt?
  2. Well aware man, but if you have been watching the game, it isn't last year. Ingram also wasn't in a timeshare last year until he got hurt with the concussion and toe. It was just him and Hightower until he took the gig back, and Hightower didn't get more than 5 carries in a game until the injury. This year they were giving it to Kamara over him and AP.
  3. Oh please. He literally had dumped passes in a row in garbage time, FOUR in a row. What are the odds of that? His floor is the basement with the way the gameplan unfolded today. Could easily have been Kamara on those passes, and the team seems fine with that.
  4. Know what I love? Ingram really should be the most irate. Who ran for over 1,000 yards last year and who ran for 72? Now he is in a time share splitting even carries with AP, and a rookie is getting more than either one of them.
  5. That research allows me to accurately curse by name at all the players doing better than my guy. Which is much more satisfying when you are raging at the TV screen.
  6. I still don't get why they don't throw it to the corner for Coleman more often. He has the size advantage. Instead they throw it down low to him.
  7. Not really the same situation. They let AP go. They pay Murray $5 million a year and he started in Oakland. Then go and draft Cook. If they just said him and Murray I'd buy it, but they basically buried him as the passing back. That said, I'm still going to snag him everywhere I can.
  8. I don't understand. It isn't like AP had his belt off and in his hand.
  9. You'd be surprised by how high some people can rise despite how stupid they are.
  10. He is making $5 million a year! That would be money wasted well spent!
  11. Those who watched, how optimistic are you they can have a run game if it is Carson? It this a he can be a decent back if he got the ball, or get the heck out and sell while people think he can be decent?
  12. Two minute drill, run, short pass, run, short pass, 75 yards to go. What the hell.
  13. He looks strange. When he runs, like a kid who just hit puberty and is still figuring his body out. I don't remember him looking so hunched and tentative. He looks slow and clumsy back there.
  14. He looked pretty content waving his arms around on the sideline behind the coach like a college bench player calling in plays.
  15. I'd hate to be an NFL RB in a few years. You are never going to be able to get in a rhythm because you get 10 snaps a game and touch the ball 4 times while rotating with the other backs.
  16. WTF is this crap? Peterson 3 carries Kamara 3 carries Ingram 2 carries Kuhn 1 carry McKinnon getting reps like crazy as well.
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