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  1. If this is the year McKinnon suddenly breaks out; I'm going to hang myself.
  2. Why bother? Would you trust him going into the playoffs? I couldn't imagine starting him, and I'd assume they'd ease him back rather than a full workload. If the team falls apart, they might shut him down as he is coming back and save it for next year. That is based on your 12 weeks. I might give up one of those guys if it was an 8 week timeline, as you would have an idea if he was viable for the playoffs before the playoffs hit.
  3. I'm thinking of creating an account just to badger this moron on social media.
  4. The big difference I saw between the two last year was vision, decisiveness, and about a YPC. Washington isn't a slightly better athlete. He has got a better 40 time and that is about it. What is his pedigree? Whatever it was, it wasn't good enough for a starting job in college. AA needs space to operate, and has never impressed me between the tackles. He is more a backup 3rd down guy to me, but we already have Riddick for the passing role.
  5. Rush yards 2013 - 431 2014 -254 2015 - 498 2016 - 134 Any reason his rushing went down so much last year? He scored 5 rushing TDs (only 13 for his career). Think he will run a bit more than last? Granted the passing looked good week 1, but was hoping a dash more rushing for a higher weekly floor.
  6. You are right. I don't get the love from the coaching staff, Washington blows. Zenner is the best between the tackles runner on the roster.
  7. Disagree. Maybe NOW in his career he does. What about in Denver? What about in Miami? It also doesn't make sense he wasn't targeted very much.
  8. Jesus, you gave me a heart attack with the thread bump. I thought he got Brian Griese'd by his dog or something.
  9. Honestly, the only positive with the injury was the realization the Jags don't want to throw at all. This is game manager strategy and any hopes I had of them airing it out this season were ruined like ARob's knee. I want no WR on this team. They want the defense to control the game, run it 40 times, and pass 20. It looks like they could be able to do that.
  10. Pretty sure 95% of people are smarter than him here. "Hey, Allen Robinson, if nothing is broken, should be fine." Same thing with DJ. Just because no broken bones, doesn't mean there isn't another injury.
  11. As someone who doesn't closely follow the situation, this is my concern as well. With no games played, and nothing other than the pleasure of owning him last year, I am hoping for a couple big games and then selling within the first month. Like you said, lots of mouths to feed. I think he is talented, just not sure he will get fed as much this year.
  12. Fantasy football is the crazy ex. You know you shouldn't, you know it is annoying, frustrating, and will only lead to trouble. Then you see it, go why not, put your reservations behind you, and the next morning you remember all the reasons you conveniently forgot and go back to being annoyed, frustrated, and knowing this is trouble.
  13. Guy is a moron. What about a torn ligament in the wrist?
  14. If you let me throw 12 passes, I think I could complete 1. Let's say for 5 yards. BUT, I would only have to be paid a million. I could get you 16% of his first half performance for 1/30th his salary. Who do I talk to about this?
  15. .....you know in the old days when I couldn't watch see all the games, I'd look at the box score and go, "gosh darn, he got a TD there". Now, I throw things like a two year old and cry it is not fair because I saw that BS penalty that let that TD to occur.
  16. I'm now hoping to lose power in this hurricane so I don't have to watch the rest of this.
  17. 65 from Anderson, T. Williams, McManus. I'm just going to walk outside into the hurricane instead.
  18. HAHAHAAHHAHA I was so excited w my WR corp. ODB AR15 Parker Tyrell Williams Kevin White Kill me now.
  19. AA I don't trust and is not the GL back. Riddick is coming off surgery on both wrists should be mostly passing downs. Zenner beat out Asiata, so I think that makes Asiata a poor mans Zenner. In none of my leagues is Conner available. Foreman is in some, but is he expected to get any touches?
  20. Zenner. Should be the GL guy. Situation is murky. If everyone in the Cincy backfield is rostered, I don't see why a guy like Zenner isn't in the DET backfield. Plus, doesn't cost anything.
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