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  1. Here is an example for you from my team. Kevin Smith wasn't given an offer/released at end of 2010 season. Guy might not have been special, but had been productive. Team was in love with Best and LeShoure. Team attempts to trade away Jerome Harrison, and he fails the physical with a brain tumor. Who does the team sign to take Harrison spot? Eldra Buckley. Who? A guy who had 36 carries, 111 yards, 1 TD, a 3.1 career YPC average, and 1 catch to his name. Best goes down, they sign Smith in November, and who do they cut? Buckley. Now, I'm a huge KSmith fan. Felt like he didn't
  2. Let me tell you a story about a man named Karlos Williams..... Being serious, IDK, plenty of guys I think would get chances never seem to get picked back up. I'm hoping he does get another shot.
  3. Yeah, you gotta veto that. The season hasn't even started and Team A is giving up what, 2 10+ round guys in the draft, for Team B's 1st rounder and another going in the top 5 rounds.
  4. I don't understand why he got $22 million more guaranteed over Carr. That seems like big jump.
  5. Uh, how? Granted I'm not an expert on KC. Per Rotoworld this is their RB depth chart. 1) Ware (out for year) 2) Hunt (rookie) 3) West 4) Spiller 5) Devine Redding (UDFA rookie) Ware out cuts it down to four guys. Redding is a UDFA. Redding only got carries week 2, which was 5 carries for 8 yards. He got zero touches in preseason games 1 & 3. Is there someone I am unaware of? Are you saying that KC would cut West to roll with two rookies and Spiller in their backfield?
  6. All joking aside, I'd give West the benefit of the doubt over Spiller. He has been better than him more recently, and I believe Reid trusts him which goes a long way.
  7. Ware out for year it looks like. Got him in the 15th in a PPR league.
  8. With Ware going down, worth a late round flier in PPR. I'd expect him to get some work at least the first half of the season until Ware is healthy. I can't imagine Hunt getting all the reps.
  9. For the price, get him. I still don't like him. The Lions WR's can't beat jams off the LOS. They can't get enough separation when they don't get jammed. The offense seems to be very dink and dunk, and I wish we'd gone after a guy like Pryor to keep defenses more honest. Tate and Jones seem to be very similar in play styles. First four games last year: 482 yards, 2 TDs Next twelve games last year: 448 yards, 2 TD (none after week 6) Again, super cheap, so why not. I just don't care for the look of our offense.
  10. I'm in a league and we split the money between top 3 scorers on the season, and top 3 in the fantasy playoffs.
  11. League voted to expand to 14 this year. Previously, we've had 12, and 6 made the playoffs. #1 & #2 get a bye, and 3-6 play week 14, then everyone 15, then championship 16. This is a fun but not ultra competitive league. I wanted to expand the playoffs to 8 teams, but I don't see how that is feasible while giving the top two a bye week. Any ideas on how to expand the playoffs that still rewards performance from the year? I'm guessing I'd still need to keep it at 6, but I'd like 8 because it keeps people more active to the end of the year.
  12. Evans jammed his wrist/hand. Came out just now. edit: He back!
  13. Thanks! It appears this was the same incident, or the same week of the link I posted. Again, I haven't looked that deeply into it because I thought it was over with, and then the suspension happened. According to the police report she got in a fight with a female that evening.
  14. I've not really followed the situation that closely, but can someone help me find what evidence they are using? I remember reading this last year, http://deadspin.com/witness-claims-ezekiel-elliotts-girlfriend-asked-her-to-1786320742 I do know there are multiple times the alleged abuse occurred, but isn't this just a tad disconcerting? Is she going to be paraded around as a victim of something that she possibly made up, kind of like clock boy? If it DID happen, I'm 100% behind her, I just get very nervous around her credibility if this article is true.
  15. ....okay. Was he lucky through 4, and it caught up to him in the 5th? Or was he good, and suddenly started throwing meatballs?
  16. Only saw the boxscore, but was great through 4. Tuned back in, and saw this disaster. What happened?
  17. I'm honestly not that plugged in, but I remember reading good things about him (I had him last year in a dynasty and I traded him away). Hader overshadowed him. Good heater, IIRC only had two pitches at one point, or at least two MLB pitches, which has probably changed. Mechanics and walks were an issue. I'm mad I missed the call up.
  18. There is only one Zorro. Guy Williams.
  19. What annoyed me the most was the long time it took to get him the RB designation, the weird lack of commitment to him at times, and not getting him involved enough in the passing game. Hopefully all of this will be changed. Will he be able to keep his 88 number?
  20. How many times do I want to cry this season?
  21. He is just one of those guys whose numbers don't match the tape. You watch the tape, and you go WOW! You look at his physical attributes and you go meh.
  22. Anyone nervous about him getting fed? I'm still in love with him, I just keep glancing at Cooks and Hawkins being added, and Hogan improving.
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