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  1. I don't own him and just saw his numbers and went . That contract is going to be brutal.
  2. Every time I say I'm going to wait a round later than when I actually get him. I just get sucked in every time. Hopefully, this year it is worth it.
  3. I still can't believe the contract he got.
  4. Huge fan. Really disappointed the Lions didn't gamble on him. I like what I saw, and another year to adjust and he could be scary.
  5. What type of offense do they plan to run this year? Is there any positive changes on the OLine?
  6. As someone who doesn't really follow him or the team, is there any PT problems when he gets back? Could he be traded? (Can you even trade a suspended player?)
  7. Didn't watch the game, liked the line. Wondering if he isn't get called strikes because he is a rookie or he is just rough. 14 IP and 5 walks is high, considering he went 56.1 IP with 7 walks.
  8. I've never seen a line like that regarded as a "very bad showing".
  9. Still on for the ride. Good minors numbers. Just one of those guys who gets it done w his varied arsenal. Doesn't get the love because he doesn't have a stellar out pitch.
  10. Ben Lively is probably getting called up.
  11. https://twitter.com/PFF/status/859863278377463808/photo/1 Lions have been linked to veteran RBs LeGarrette Blount & Matt Asiata, but Zach Zenner was better than both at creating yards after contact.
  12. FEAST MODE! I think he slims down by June (if ever) once he gets more confidence in the leg. Some of these surgeries these guys go through I cringe at. Just crazy.
  13. Say what you want, but the age thing is a joke argument. If he was 24 and someone else was 19, sure. Your second part isn't a valid argument. Ameer lost carries and a start his rookie year against Zenner. Who knows what happened if he hadn't gotten hurt. Washington, for unfathomable reasons, was given the go ahead despite doing nothing in college, coming to camp late, and having very little experience running handed the keys to the job. Washington averaged a yard less than Riddick and Zenner. This is the team that had Caldwell say he didn't want his backs carrying
  14. LOL! I've never seen this argument leveled against a guy who was 23. This isn't Weinke or Weeden! 23 year old's from that draft.... Scherff White Johnson Ogbuechi Jones Tomlinson Randall Anthony Woops, that was just the 1st round! Ameer is allegedly more talented, Riddick can't run, and Washington blows. At least have a better argument than, "he was older by a few months".
  15. Because maybe this is the year they give him a shot full time.......plus, I've been hyping every year. Here is some food for thought, this is how he stacks up against the 2017 draft class. Zach Zenner Height: 5'11 Weight: 223 40 yard dash - 4.6 Would have been down the list. However, no one over 220 ran faster than him but Fournette. Bench: 2nd out of all RB's (25) Vertical: 1st out of all RB's (41) Broad: 8th (tied) out of all RB's (10 feet 1 inch) 20 yard shuttle: 1st out of all RB's 4.
  16. Is that league full?  What year is the league in?  Are you using league safe?

    1. Mrtonyb40


      I have one spot left in a $100 h2h most cat keeper league. it's the second yr for the league.  if your interested email me at mrtonyb40@aol.com . the money always goes thru leaguesafe

  17. He wasn't even a bell cow in college, why is he suddenly at a higher level?
  18. I don't know what to even say. That is beyond ridiculous.
  19. I don't see how he could have 15-20 touches in a game with Riddick there. He also isn't involved in the passing game as much as people think, because, Riddick. They just gave Riddick a fat contract which is why I think they keep running him attempting to justify it. I don't understand your second part. He got to the NFL and you are trusting the system...of what? University of Washington? They demoted him basically. The combine? He wasn't invited. I guess I don't understand that or the #2 bit you are referencing. What expert consensus? Then at the end you don't
  20. Why do people keep suggesting this? I know this is the hype train, but you guys are ridiculous. The train is so long you guys at the end can't even see the engine at the front or where you are going. This guy doesn't have special measureables, so I don't get the love there. This guy isn't a crazy power back despite his size, so I don't get the love there. https://www.profootballfocus.com/no-good-option-at-running-back-for-washington-huskies/ The Washington Huskies released their Week 1 depth chart, with both Dwayne Washington and Lavon Coleman
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