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  1. Why would you pass on Zenner? Essentially the same role, and there is literally no one but him and Riddick battling for carries. Maybe they will re-sign Winn. The other thing Washington was better on is 40 time, and being taller. That's it.
  2. This is right below the Adrian Peterson comparisons.
  3. Didn't look like he was walking/putting pressure on it. Multi-week to me. Disclaimer **I am not a doctor**
  4. LOL at this thread. Not productive as a college player. Check. Not impressive highlights. Check. Not a between the tackles runner, the biggest need for the Lions. Check. Fumble and injury issues. Check. A guy who plays like a scat back and best measurable is his 40 time and size. Check And for those that think he is a punishing type RB because of his size.... Last season the Huskies used a rotation at running back with four running backs totaling over 100 snaps. Most expected Dwayne Washington to be in the
  5. Where? Is there another video in this thread? I see him showcasing his speed and going through open holes, and his catching ability, but I don't see him running people over or running up the gut.
  6. Just remember this is the Lions. Whatever the right decision is, they make the wrong one. This isn't a statement between Zenner and Washington, this is just in general. We are thin at LB with Van Noy, Levy, and Williams getting hurt and lose Ameer, we go and sign Dobson.
  7. He also isn't much of an inside runner. Have you guys seen his college stats? RUSHING Stats YEAR TEAM ATT YDS AVG LNG TD 2013 WASH 47 332 7.1 71 4
  8. Do you guys really like his highlights? I see a bigger Ameer. Needs a big hole, not much vision, can catch the ball, works best in space, good top speed. I know which guy I like in this backfield, and I get the hype train, but I am underwhelmed by what I see on tape. Even his big preseason run didn't do much for me. I get the potential, and of course adding him, but what I am missing? Why wasn't he successful in college?
  9. **sigh** Rotoworld: Zenner 5-11 222 Washington 6-1 223 Combine: Zenner 5-11 1/4 223 Washington 6-1 1/8 221 As far as height? I wasn't suggesting he was taller, but Zenner is just as big as far as weight, which is what I was referencing. Typically, being taller isn't an asset at RB. Cool, he's a former WR, in a WR body, playing RB. Who didn't do either one of those things very well in college. I've looked at just about everything on these two out of college and coming out, I have a very clear preference for Zenner. Same
  10. Well aware of Zenner being inactive. I just don't see "it" with Washington. I get the staff doesn't agree with me, but in the limited game action I've seen I prefer Zen (who himself only has limited game action) and I vastly prefer what I saw out of college from Zenner. We will see, but considering they are both the same size, and one was a bread and butter between the tackles guy and one wasn't, I'm surprised by the way they are going about it. Then again, this is the Lions.
  11. http://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/nfl/lions/2016/04/30/speedy-rb-dwayne-washington-lions-final-pick/83765166/ One issue Washington will have to correct is his fumbling. Despite having just 269 touches in college, including two kickoff returns, he had 10 fumbles. He fumbled on 3.7 percent of his touches, a higher rate than Ameer Abdullah’s 2.4 percent at Nebraska.
  12. I know nothing of your league, but I'd think you are safe on not burning a WW if you were in any of my 3 leagues. Most people want no part of this backfield to begin with, and most people don't pay attention to the Lions. I'd be surprised if any burned a WW pick on him unless someone is cripplingly desperate.
  13. I do not get the love from what I have seen from him, but if you believe get him now. I'd be surprised if Abdullah is back in less than a month. I believe Zenner is the better between the tackles guy, and I have him in my leagues, but the coaching staff disagrees and they are the ones who play the guys.
  14. I'd doubt that he steals carries unless something drastic happens. I think he has a shot of bumping off Ridley who hasn't impressed. Ameer, Zenner, Riddick are locks. Ridley, Winn, and Washington are probably battling for one spot, two max. The kickoff return was his best play, but the running has been meh. I think he ends up on the practice squad. He belongs on the wire for now, unless something changes. I think Zenner isn't being drafted in most leagues, or if he is, just barely. This guy is below him, which means he shouldn't be rostered.
  15. I don't get the rush for him to be up. He has the stuff, but he has to harness it. He had 47 IP last year at AA, and 30 IP this year. They don't need him in the rotation. Why not let him figure it out in AA this year, maybe AAA by the end of it and let him go for a spot out of ST next year? He is still 21 until July. As much as I want him up, he hasn't been good this year. Why add the pressure?
  16. Harbaugh is the third greatest coach in SF history behind Walsh and Seifert. There is no hyperbole about that. Mooch took over a team with a HOF QB close to his prime and got to only 1 NFC title game without reaching a SB. Harbaugh took Alex Smith and a second-year 2nd round pick to 3 straight NFC title games, including 1 SB. The third greatest coach in an organization's history deserves respect -- especially if that coach has the record Harbaugh had over his 4 years there, particularly considering the dumpster fire he inherited from Singletary. Whenever his time with Michigan is over, h
  17. This is surely to get 49ers fans excited. Not. Tomsula is a hell of a man and fine football coach, but going from one of the greatest coaches in team history (Jim Harbaugh) to Tomsula doesn't excite anyone. The 49ers are staying in-house with Tomsula, who has been with the team as its DL coach since 2007. He beat out Broncos OC Adam Gase and in-house DC Vic Fangio. The 49ers are getting continuity and a coach that won't meddle in personnel decisions, but the hiring will ultimately be judged by who Tomsula gets to run the offense. Tomsula is expected to bring in ex-Raiders DC Jason Tarver as hi
  18. Brenton Bersin caught one pass for 11 yards in Saturday's Divisional Round loss at Seattle. A 2012 UDFA out of tiny Wofford, Bersin beat out more noted receivers for a roster spot in camp. The former practice squadder ended up appearing in 15 regular season games, going 13-151-1 as a receiver while pitching in as a (shaky) return man. Bersin also has salon quality hair. The bad news is he's slow (4.60 speed), the NFL stage appears too big for him and he will have to fight for a roster spot again in 2015. Is there a word quota they had to get to? Come one really? I know it is the off-seaso
  19. Top of the 6th, gives up a single, gets an out, then walks Hafner. 2 on, 1 out, gets pulled. Blevins comes in and gives up a double to Ichiro. Hopefully Blevins can keep him in line for the W. edit: No luck. Another single, tied game. Final line 5.1 innings, 4 H, 3 ER, 3BB, 4 SO. Both of his runners that got inherited scored.
  20. I think the move to make is package Powell in with another player for an upgrade. Not to mention the fact that Beanie might come back as well. This guy is the man to have in ARI, but can he really succeed (on a fantasy level) in the current situation, under the current circumstances? Kolb possibly be out long. No real OL. Opposing D's. Sharing carries. ARI schedule: @MIN, SF, @GNB, bye, @ATL, STL, @NYJ, @SEA, DET, CHI, @SFO Who wants anything to do with that?
  21. Bolden got the ball. That is the difference. Powell didn't. Powell has competition just for the 3rd down back. Woodhead has done zero with the carries he got, and Vereen is still hurt. The coaching staff didn't give Powell more carries with Williams struggling. He actually got less this week. Cardinals RB Ryan Williams played 43-of-82 (52.4 percent) snaps versus the Rams in Week 5. Even with the shoulder injury that knocked him out of the game, it's an increase from last week. Williams even saw time in the no-huddle package. Backup William Powell played just 12 snaps Thursday night. Wi
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