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  1. Here is the thing. He didn't get the ball when Williams went down. He ran the ball once while Williams was in. They didn't give him a go when Williams lost, what was it, 10 yards on 3 carries? You can't get do damage if you don't get the ball. He isn't getting the ball. Now Smith and Stephen-Howling coming back, looks like a committee to me. Plus, Williams might be back for next week. There isn't enough time. Look at the schedule, BUF, MIN, SFO, GNB, BYE, @ATL and then Beanie will be back (I think that timetable is right). I doubt he gets the ball next week as a feature back, and if
  2. Coach Ken Whisenhunt confirmed that rookie Ryan Williams isn't part of the no-huddle scheme because he's not far enough along in his development to handle it.The Cardinals had no shot of running the ball successfully against the Dolphins last week, so they quickly scrapped it and went no-huddle. Williams Powell was the one that practiced in that scheme all last week. The Cards figure to stick with the run game Thursday night as the Rams rank 26th in rushing yards allowed and are giving up 4.7 yards per carry. Williams is on the RB2 radar as the primary back in base formations. For me this a m
  3. Powell went for 2 carries for 2 yards he did nothing to inspire getting more touches. If anything it probably makes Arizona go to the trade market and look for a proven veteran compliment to back up Ryan Williams. And what did Williams do? Nothing. My point is Williams did nothing to wow anyone. No one said, "Wow this guy, get him ALL the carries you can". That means the door is open. That is the important thing for Powell. You must have also missed Powell's return game. He looked explosive and nearly won the OT on the opening kickoff but got taken out by the kicker. The guy was
  4. The biggest boost for Powell isn't his performance, but that Williams did nothing to wow the coaches and get more carries. That helps incredibly for him going forward into the next game. Hopefully Powell can get 7-9 touches next week and do something with it.
  5. I'm so confused I'm crying. Just tell me to pick him up or not. **continues sobbing**
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