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  1. Watson or Brady over Allen is a joke. I can argue Rodgers being better this season. I'd love to see PFF grading. (I know you were just using PFF grading in regards to the Fuller comparison. More of a general statement, but it looks strange without replying to your post with the image attached)
  2. The Saints can't stop being overly cute. Unbelievable
  3. Lutz is point shaving! (I'm completely joking and I assume he was referring to the INT changed to incomplete)
  4. Also looked like from opposite side of field. From bottom (right side) of screen his hand looked to have it. From top, (left side) they got that angle that his hand obstructed.
  5. I think it is good. Usually when DBs try to catch it they have both hands side by side and they trap it on ground. Nice job of what looks like him getting one under and one over. edit: Well damn, we get the super zoomed in angle and that was convenient. Where was that in the Bills game yesterday?
  6. I don't think he caught that pick. 20 seconds later Hey, I was wrong. Looks good! LOL
  7. I get that. These clowns are paid to know that. If us from the couch know right away you need to go for it, what are these million dollar idiots doing? It isn't that hard. Give me two face flipping a coin. At least he wouldn't burn a TO and let the D get set.
  8. I will give the Bears credit for knowing they are overmatched and have to do something. The Redskins knew they were last night and just went along with it and tried to "execute better".
  9. I hate the TO before the 4th down play. You lose momentum and the edge you have. D gets to think about what you do and it hurts you. I don't understand why teams do that.
  10. How do the refs not call that complete? How do you drop that pass?
  11. Not that something like "TB12" is cool (imo), but it at least makes sense. If Nate Burleson had trademarked "Recepticon" I get it. Let Russ Cook......I mean.....does that mean he is cooked as in finished? Should he be in the kitchen instead of the football field? It doesn't seem like something worth trademarking or even cool.
  12. Let Russ Cook? ......that is pretty lame. Not as good as "Steamin Willy Beaman". I'm not even sure what that means.
  13. Yikes Goff! Don't put your hand out to stop your fall when being tackled! Good lord, they are going to be down to Willie Beaman on the depth chart.
  14. Well that was a nasty hit. Was just about to ask you if the Wolford comment was serious or not. I have know nothing about him. I couldn't tell if you were being sarcastic or not.
  15. Which begs the question, and it might have been you and myself discussing this in the week 17 gameday thread; what the heck happened to the Seattle offense?
  16. This game is going to come down to if the Seahawks can put up more points on the Rams D than FGs the Rams O can put up on them.
  17. You said clock stoppage after a 1st down which is what confused me.
  18. HOLY WOW....UNBELIEVABLE. WOW. I want to know what evidence they had.
  19. No timeouts. Try to get extra yards or maybe get out of bounds. The Colts pace has been awful. Hard to know where everyone was like that after he caught it. Sucks fumbling, but just lying there doesn't really seem like an option. Knowing the results, yeah, sounds smart.
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