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  1. HOLY WOW....UNBELIEVABLE. WOW. I want to know what evidence they had.
  2. No timeouts. Try to get extra yards or maybe get out of bounds. The Colts pace has been awful. Hard to know where everyone was like that after he caught it. Sucks fumbling, but just lying there doesn't really seem like an option. Knowing the results, yeah, sounds smart.
  3. What a great TO by Buffalo. Screw the slow review. That play wasn't a normal play. Why the slowness reviewing it IDK. Great job Buffalo making them look at it the hard way!
  4. Yikes....Bills D just sitting back giving up everything.
  5. Should have been running there constantly. Burn that clock with Indy having only 1 TO.
  6. I'm pretty sure Allen can do you 4 draws and get a 1st down each series. Need to just have him run right now vs drop back until they adjust.
  7. Awful lot of confusion in that secondary on very basic stuff. Buffalo D isn't good. They have fallen apart in the 2nd half after a really solid 1st half.
  8. Quick! Put Taylor back in before Hines breaks another off!
  9. Refs realllly slow blowing that whistle when Allen was on his knees. I've seen faster whistles when a guy is at a QB's ankles.
  10. What is like to make stupid decisions and everyone knows it but because you are paid millions of dollars people give you the benefit of a doubt. "Well maybe it is the analytics, and I just don't understand it. They have just been uber aggressive...." Meanwhile the dude at Starbucks who is "uber aggressive" and spills stuff trying to sprint around the place making a drink gets called an idiot and fired. Everyone knows that was an idiotic move. I wish they would just call him a moron. I'd really love some unfiltered announcing. Doesn't have to be profane. Just some straigh
  11. I know it is more of a basketball move and TO are far move valuable in football especially in the 2nd half. I would have liked a TO just to stop momentum and let the D figure out what the hell they were doing mid-drive. Doesn't matter, they just stuffed the crap out of Taylor on the 2pt conversion.
  12. ....they challenged what? Way to burn a timeout. And Diggs TD next play.
  13. Only positive is that I hope this is a wake up call to the league if they implement that 17 game schedule. Enjoy more of these types of the games the final week is a complete joke.
  14. Is this some weird league bribery thing? Let the Washington "Football Team" in the playoffs for the PR? Pederson paid off? This is.....I mean, how can you walk back into the locker room and tell these guys how they were playing tough to win and he was playing harder to lose?
  15. Got to love it. Smith eyeballs RB in flats. "Wait a minute! That isnt McKissic! I'm gonna pass up on that and throw a pick!"
  16. Almooooooost Dan Orlovsky was about to be happy that someone else ran out the end zone.
  17. Pederson wants to be fired too. That is the only explanation I have for this stupidity.
  18. Barber, Barber, McKissic........is Gibson done for the night? I figured they would be feeding him since they brought him back last week. What is the point of letting him out there for 25% of the work?
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