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  1. I mean, he could just go sit on the sideline and call it a day in a must win game with an injury to his non throwing hand, and let Gilbert Grape, or whatever his name is come in and derp it up. That would be perfectly normal to Joe and Try apparently.
  2. Slayton I thought for sure was going to break out this year. I don't understand his usage. Had such a monster week 1. Engram.....needs a hand transplant.
  3. Miami back to the dink and dunk offense. Moved 30 yards in 3 minutes of game time. Went for it on 4th and 9 at midfield and didn't get it. 18 minutes and low energy attempt to get back in to it.
  4. If he caught the one linked, the game was over. They punted and lost the above game. Both are bad. The one I posted directly led to the loss. Today's might also.
  5. Tua pick 6. I didn't see the play had the other game on.
  6. That play gave me flashbacks to the Eagles drop.
  7. Tua aggressively targets Parker that drive. Parker gets 50+ yards this drive. Stumble at GL and get bailed out by a penalty.
  8. Dallas looking listless but Greg the Leg nails a 57 yarder to close the gap.
  9. Thought for sure Bills would rest starters after the 1st quarter. They might after half with this big of a lead. Allen and Diggs got a game's worth of stats in a half. Dolphins are supposed to be playing for their life and just have nothing. I hope those people who haven't seen Tua and defend him watch this game. Same thing with the KC game, he might pad stats in 2nd half, but they were out of the game by the time he made his line looks better. Miami pretends they are a great instead of decent D, a ball control offense when they aren't, and just need a game manager at QB. No Fitz to
  10. I remember that monster game Cam had and Edelman set a career high in yards way back early in the season. A couple months later and this dude I wouldn't want to play QB in my rec league unless he is running every play.
  11. At least for me, baseball is so much more peaceful. I even do daily lineups and it feels like I'm on a vacation compared to FF.
  12. So, like, ummmm, what do I do with my life now? I have about 30 hours of free time on a weekly basis.
  13. I don't understand how these guys getting paid millions to coach go away from what is working into something that hasn't worked all year. Bills suck vs run, Patriots ran all over them early. Instead, they switch to passing which they haven't done since the game against Seattle which was like....week 4?
  14. LMAO PA for a...2 yard checkdown. Just run it you fools. 2nd down another pathetic pass attempt. 3rd down a quick incomplete. They trying to get down big?
  15. Singletary gets thrown around too much for an NFL back. Guy is always getting knocked backwards.
  16. Come on Bills. Cut it out with these runs for nothing. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!??!?!?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  17. Allen only threw that up because he knew he was offsides. It was off his back foot and just a "free play" deep ball.
  18. Fake punt, nice naked bootleg on 4th, RB drops the ball that hits him in his chest. Ouch. Come on, please Allen to Diggs. Pleasssssssssssssssse
  19. Why is Buffalo playing scared? Allen is asked to to run the offense like Goff at the moment. They havent been able to run all year but now are trying to.
  20. Need 29.9 from Allen and Diggs. Of course the Bills are doing stupid runs near the GL and decide to be conservative. Please help me Allen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. He looks fatter than in college. Like he got into an eating competition with Eddie Lacy.
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