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  1. You can't make this up. 3rd and 10 and they try to jam him at the LOS.
  2. Oh I agree, it is Tanny who is the issue in this whole thing. Throw Fitzpatrick back there and AJ would be getting peppered with targets. Catchable targets. And nice........no running threat on field bc pass happy again this drive and they kill it.
  3. They would be better off with Henry standing in the backfield taking the play off because it would at least draw guys into the box. No respect for whoever the pass catcher is that he doesn't throw to.
  4. I completely agree. I still don't understand if they are going to do that why they don't do it in hurry up. You can save 15-20 seconds a play, and keep the same guys on defense in there. The slow pace is silly when they could pick up a first down just running in about 50 seconds, instead they take 2 minutes. The defense is starting to bend but by the time it does the game will have 3 minutes left.
  5. Running Henry and getting more yardage this drive. Switch to 4th quarter and suddenly pass happy. I give up. I have no words.
  6. Oh many if that was a handoff Henry had a ton of room. Instead a Tanny incomplete.
  7. 3rd and short, no Henry on field. Tanny stares down the TE but still manages a completion.
  8. Until they just let him wander away to stand by himself. He had about 4 yards of separation from any defender.
  9. Offense does good things last drive. Immediately goes away from said success in 3 plays.
  10. He looked blatantly a yard out to me initially. He was far closer to being in than I thought when I saw the replay. Probably because the Titan chasing him was so far out of bounds. I'm surprised no one on the Titans was motioning for a challenge to the coach.
  11. I thought he was for sure out....and he was....and the Titans didn't challenge it?!??!? LMAO....Adams by himself........HOW DO YOU NOT COVER HIM?!!?!?
  12. Here we go again. 9 in the box and they can't check out of that on first down? He still got 4 but a lucky 4. Now Brown is hurting on 2nd down, lower leg. Edit: Henry lucky to get 4 again there. Good lord that box.
  13. Oh man, that catch looked a lot closer on replay from that one angle.
  14. Uhhh... 12 yard cushion to AJ lol. The Lions D vs Evans has arrived.
  15. 1st down PA was doable bc not 9 in box. I'm surprised Henry got loose a bit there because that was another loaded box.
  16. I really liked the run Tannehill had earlier off of playaction. It wasn't designed to be, but it turned into a nice bootleg. It would be nice to do something like that to keep them on their heels a bit. The Titans line isn't going to be able to dominate the LOS with 9 guys in the box. Henry will have to break one but the weakest blocks have been from their TE group.
  17. Henry picks up a few, picks up a few, Tannehill incomplete. Henry picks up a few, picks up a few, Tannehill incomplete. Henry picks up a few, picks up a few, Tannehill INT. Tannehill PA sacked, incomplete, incomplete. Box is stacked but the Titans can't sustain a drive to save their life. They also pull Henry on 3rd which telegraphs the play. Game summary off the top of my head.
  18. ...are the Titans allowed to do that? Stop the Packers? Touch Rodgers?
  19. They have no offensive gameplan. Their defensive one was let Adams beat us which seems to be working out well.
  20. Uhhhh with 9 in the box you might not want to use play action, because they are going to be coming after Henry anyway and you won't have time. Literally run Henry every down. This is a joke of an offense tonight when they try to throw.
  21. Was up by 40 in PPR, Rodgers + Adams vs my Henry. Am I screwed?
  22. Henry in on 1st and 2nd down, stack the box. Henry trots off on 3rd down and not even used as a decoy, drop back into coverage. They can't be this offense the entire game can they?
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