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  1. Should have just gone for it. The likelihood of a good kick and recovery at GL in these conditions was lower than picking up that 1st down.
  2. Are the announcers outside with no heat? They are pretty bundled up for being in the booth.
  3. Please let Henry have a solid day. I don't need a special day but would love it. Just need a TD and 70 yards and I'd be happy. I need more, but that would be enough to give me a shot at a comeback.
  4. Neither team wants to win. Fire both staffs now.
  5. How do you know it works, unless you deviate from it? By sucking completely, you now prove the original plan was lacking in the suck factor and a good idea. You also prove you are stupid from going away from it. Thus, you have to try even HARDER at what isn't working just to prove yourself right.
  6. Didn't see his stats change much after the 1st drive of 2nd half. Maybe all McKissic due to gameflow or to rest him for next week? I don't have eyes on the game. Just speculation on my part.
  7. Rams enjoying the pound the rock for no yardage against one of the worst pass D in the league.
  8. INT for Haskins. Keep being inspiring! Last time I felt this good was Peterman throwing 5 INT in a half.
  9. Lynn should have been done last year. He made some flat out idiotic choices. This year he gets the gift of Herbert, has plenty of offensive weapons, and the team repeatedly falls apart in different areas on a weekly basis. This team doesn't have a "bad game" they have repeated fluky games happen because they let it happen with bad decisions.
  10. A real offensive game in the first quarter. To the viewer.
  11. Just stat tracker. Chargers derping early. Luckily Broncos can't kick worth a lick. Chargers can't ever seem to hit their stride.
  12. I said it when he was 0-4 with a fumble. I think I might manage short dumpoff as well.
  13. Pretty inspired at the moment by Haskins. I can confidently say I can do as well as an NFL QB at this point in the game. **Flexs bicep as he sips his beer**
  14. You could feel something bad was going to happen when ATL didn't try to pickup yards and was chucking it deep at the end even though they had TO. 1st & 10 at KC 26 (0:32 - 4th) (No Huddle, Shotgun) M.Ryan pass incomplete deep right to C.Ridley. PENALTY on KC-A.Okafor, Defensive Offside, 5 yards, enforced at KC 26 - No Play. Penalty on KC, Defensive Too Many Men on Field, declined. 1st & 5 at KC 21 (0:27 - 4th) (Shotgun) M.Ryan pass incomplete short middle to R.Gage. 2nd & 5 at KC 21 (0:23 - 4th) (Shotgun) M.Ryan pa
  15. I've seen stick to the run game too deep into a game. I don't think I've seen a team abandon it while being up big, running well, and are a run first team.
  16. KC needs to score a TD, so Koo can kick a game tying FG. Then kick one in OT. Then KC ties it. Then he kicks a 55 yarder FTW. Please.
  17. Finally get into Koo range and Powell fumbles. FML.
  18. I've stated that just about every other page 🤣
  19. No reason to even pass there. Every run play is gashing the Steelers.
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