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  1. Steelers with 3 TO, 3rd and 18 and have them backed up. They let Rivers act like they are going to run a play quickly and let him burn 40 seconds.
  2. Yeah, but if Fitz can do his role and Tua's, what is the point of Tua? He clearly can't play Fitz's. They needed a miracle to win last night. If they had Fitzpatrick in the entire game they likely wouldn't have needed a miracle. If they drafted Tua to be Trent Dilfer, well....uh.....more power to them. Tua isn't good enough to start. He isn't better than Fitz.
  3. He doesn't have a carry this year. Is there any indication that he would suddenly get a workload?
  4. Who knew my season would down to picking the right Jax RB who will fall into the endzone.
  5. It isn't Tua's year. People can talk about the supporting cast, whatever, but when the guy is something like 10-13 for 36 yards in the first half, that is ridiculous. They throw in Fitzpatrick with less than 10 mins in the game and he almost doubles Tua's yardage. Same thing happened last game they pulled Tua. Dolphins screwed up their locker room by switching too early. The Dolphins have the last playoff spot at the moment. They can be a sneaky dark horse if they get Parker back and the defense has a good game. The issue is that any team with a decent D is going to shutdown Tua.
  6. Judging from the gametracker, this looks like a regular dumpster fire.
  7. Pretty ugly. Gibson with his toe. Ahmed but he is now in a timeshare. Hines in his timeshare. Edwards in his timeshare.
  8. Why have all these games when they aren't televised nationally?
  9. How is the Raiders pass D? I'm tempted to throw Bowden out there at RB in PPR. Terrified of dink and dunk Tua but Bowden was good in college being elusive.
  10. I haven't seen that many games with him but I noticed they were lining him up a lot at WR vs the Saints. Is that the new norm? I swear the last game I saw he was still lining up primarily at TE.
  11. Tom Brady remembered who the best WR on the team was. First time getting double digit targets since week 10. Only the 3rd time this year he has gotten double digit targets.
  12. Is he a thing? I honestly haven't seen much of the Dolphins past week 8.
  13. No Parker today. PPR league gamble. Is there anyone else to eat into his targets?
  14. Covers if you had him or played against him: 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
  15. Why didn't they do that little WR bubble screen on the first 3 downs? Morons.
  16. You guys who have Cook got screwed, but he still had a solid game. I'm not sure how 14.5 in standard 16.5 in PPR is bad. Someone else will have to step up but he didn't end your week early.
  17. On top of it he wasn't gassed. They had a lead. If he doesn't get it the game doesn't really change. Instead they STILL run it with Hill. That is just disgusting.
  18. Feels gross to not give Kamara a shot there. How many times do guys get a chance at making NFL history? Especially something like this where it has to all break your way in a game to be able to have it happen. Instead one to your gimmick backup QB for....no real reason.
  19. Anyone with Thielen and JJ has to be sick to their stomach.
  20. Thielen spitting into gloves. Sanders take the hint. 😁
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