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  1. Or Patrick Williams? Need space for Time Lord. Leave a link and I’ll help you out. 10 team Dynasty
  2. Dropping MB3 I figure better upside when he earns more minutes
  3. I didn’t watch the 4th qrtr but my guess is the Raiders already had a comfortable lead and they played it cautiously to avoid further injury.
  4. hadn't heard anything on the local beats around here.
  5. In theory you are 100% correct but as others mentioned Tanny looked pretty awful at times. having said that I will fire him up over Hock
  6. what an awkward gase in his eyes. must be on meth
  7. I hope you're right. Raiders always seem to play the Saints tough even if we aren't that good. Should be an entertaining MNF.
  8. I wouldn’t count on it. I’m a big fan of his future but this start worries the f out of me.
  9. Aiyuk still has lingering issue but with Debo out IR he may have more immediate value. Shenault long term value is through the roof but is just getting going.
  10. Yes he does and he should benefit from D’s keying on Evans/God/Gronk and thrive in the underneath crossing routes.
  11. Really wasn’t trying to bring race into consideration more so they both seem to have great chemistry with their QB. At one point early in Kupp’s career he was 3rd or 4th option in Rams offense but eventually through hard work and Cooks leaving a Star was born in Kupp. I believe Miller could have a similar trajectory to success if he develops and one of the targets in front falter or get injured.
  12. Cooper Kupp light off the wire! I’ll take it
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