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  1. Yeah man it's par for the course, message boards are for blowing off a little steam, but after what just happened to deGrom it's a bit eyebrow raising. Feel free to trade Cole for deGrom, Bieber, Bauer, Glasnow or Scherzer if you're unhappy with him. It's been a rough year, best to be thankful for what you've got at this point.
  2. 4 hits, two earned runs allowed over eight innings in an away game against a tough Toronto offense. 2.25 ERA, 0.63 WHIP. Yeah, I'd definitely be concerned if I were a Cole owner. 😰
  3. I've always found it interesting that a league with a rich history of racism - to the point of BANNING non-whites for decades - will to this day, gleefully, STILL recognize the statistics of the men that played in that era as above reproach. Meanwhile guys using PED's, THAT's the bridge too far. Well, not you Andy Pettite. Or you, Manny Ramirez. Or you, David Ortiz. Or any of the other hundreds, if not thousands, of players that used in the decades before Bonds. I remember McGwire doing interviews with the drugs sitting out openly in his locker, and not a single reporter, or fan, had a care in
  4. Keller has an ERA nearing 6.00 and a WHIP nearing 2.00 at this point in the season, starting him is basically resigning yourself to 4th down and hoping for the conversion...
  5. I really, REALLY needed LA to hold on to that 5-0 lead in the 9th...
  6. Cole's not in DeGrom's league either, he's been knocked around lately as well (two 5 ER games in his past 5 outings, Bieber hasn't allowed 5 earned runs in a game all year... until today perhaps).
  7. Hopefully when Roberto Perez returns things will improve. Technically he's still been pretty damn good up to this point (top 3 starting pitcher in my points league), but it seldom feels that way. While we're talking about Perez's, shout out to Martin Perez for his attempted murder on my fantasy team this week, two starts that a random fan in the crowd could match. Feels like a personal attack at this point.
  8. I was thinking about benching Yermin at catcher for him, but I didn't want to drop anyone. May be dropping Yermin if he keeps plummeting; after today he's 5-55 (.091) since May 22nd. Horrific.
  9. And that's the second 3 homer day he's had in the last 15 days. ⚾
  10. I, too, am upset that I neglected to pick him up. 🖐️
  11. Pulling Miley after 5 scoreless innings to hand the game over to that horrendous bullpen and blow a 7-0 lead the very next inning:
  12. Owners starting Mullins & Winker this week:
  13. I'm using ESPN, but I'm assuming they'll do the same, thanks for the info.
  14. Can someone fill me in on what's going on with that Reds-Nationals suspended game? Will those stats be retroactively added to Wednesday's numbers, or added to today's at some point? Do they count at all, I don't see anything showing up on my fantasy page?
  15. "Suppose he's got a punch? Suppose he's got a pointed stick?!"
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