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  1. Just came across this article on Royals Review regarding a discussion about the Royals lineup: https://www.royalsreview.com/2021/2/23/22285095/what-should-the-royals-lineup-look-like-in-2021 It’s mostly just speculation and a discussion but there’s a link to an interview with the assistant GM suggesting Benintendi is going to be batting at or near the top of the order. My prediction is Mondesi starts the year batting 7th but moves up as the season goes on.
  2. I'm not changing my strategy too much this year. My strategy has always been to come away with 7 hitters, 3 starting pitchers, and 1 closer in the first 11 rounds. I've seen some talk of people valuing the aces higher than normal this year, but starting pitchers always have a higher bust rate than hitters, and now with innings limits and perhaps a higher than usual injury risk with an increase in workload from 2020, I think the bust rate will be higher than usual. I will load up on higher upside starters in the middle and late rounds and hope I hit on a few of them. My bench will also have mor
  3. To recap: Lamet has already undergone one Tommy John surgery. He was shut down again last year with elbow pain (don’t believe the “biceps soreness” diagnosis), had PRP injections in October, and now there’s revelations of narrowly avoiding surgery. If you’re investing a top 100 pick on this dude, good luck!
  4. Highly valuable at his current cost in daily leagues with IL spots. Not really interested in owning though in weekly leagues without IL spots.
  5. Agree. Imo, Cron is the opening day cleanup hitter and has a shot at 35 homers* * health permitting
  6. I’m torn by the CJ Cron signing. On one hand it prevents me from the inevitable disappointment that comes from drafting way too many shares of Greg Bird. On the other hand, I’m now right in line again for the inevitable disappointment that comes from drafting too many shares of CJ Cron.
  7. I’m probably going to regret starting this thread, but I’m slightly intrigued by Dylan Cease this year. He’s been mostly hot garbage for fantasy purposes and I’ve mostly bashed him repeatedly for having awful command, but there’s some chatter about him working with the White Sox new pitching coach who’s credited with Lucas Giolito’s turnaround. With an ADP of 391, he’s not going to cost much. I’ll be looking to add shares at that cost, but he’ll be kept on the shortest of leashes.
  8. I posted my favorite last round dart throw earlier today (Tejay Antone), but my second favorite is Cal Quantrill. I believe there is something Cleveland saw in the former 2016 8th overall pick when they picked him up in the Clevinger deal. Some of you familiar with my posts know that I am a firm believer in Cleveland’s starting pitcher voodoo magic. I think they believe they can unlock something in Quantrill’s spin rates and likely have him addressing it this offseason. Interestingly, the first name that pops up on Baseball Savant’s Similar Pitchers Based on Velocity and Movement was 2019 Zach
  9. Brooks Baseball. Here's his page with swinging strike rate for individual pitches: http://www.brooksbaseball.net/outcome.php?player=622088&b_hand=-1&gFilt=&pFilt=FA|SI|FC|CU|SL|CS|KN|CH|FS|SB&time=year&minmax=ci&var=whiff&s_type=2&startDate=01/01/2020&endDate=01/01/2021 Their website has a ton of data. For that specific chart, you can change the x-axis by year, month, game, etc. Here's his Baseball Savant Page for more reference: https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/savant-player/tejay-antone-622088?stats=statcast-r-pitching-mlb
  10. I'm starting to dive in to my research for the upcoming season and Tejay Antone is standing out as my favorite last round dart throw. He's currently sporting an NFBC ADP of 359 and I believe he has tremendous upside to smash that. He was never a big name on prospect lists but after missed the 2017 season due to TJ surgery, he's seen his velo remarkably rise significantly year over year. He's been working closely with Reds pitching coach Derek Johnson, who's becoming my favorite pitching coach, and has made changes to his pitch mix. He now throws a sinker that averages 96, a devastating slider,
  11. Never assume semi-rational managing with the Royals. While they’re acceptance of analytics has been progressing, they’re still behind most clubs.
  12. As a Royals fan I’d caution anyone who thinks it’s a given that Mondesi hits first or second. I don’t think the opening day lineup will be settled until mid to late March. I think there’s two likely options: 1. Whit Merrifield (RF) 2. Adalberto Mondesi (SS) 3. Salvador Perez (C) 4. Carlos Santana (1B) 5. Jorge Soler (DH) 6. Andrew Benintendi (LF) 7. Hunter Dozier (3B) 8. Michael A. Taylor (CF) 9. Nicky Lopez (2B) Or, 1. Whit Merrifield (RF) 2. Andrew Benintendi (LF) 3. Salvador Perez (C) 4. Jorge Soler (DH) 5. Carlos Santana (1B) 6. Hunter Dozier (3
  13. Am I the only one that didn't know the Red Sox, Mets, and Mariners have been using a humidor? Now I'm wondering if we're going to find out who the unidentified teams are and at what point it will be disclosed. I was planning on starting my first draft this week now I'm leaning toward waiting on this info.
  14. I’d say this team has a shot to set the record for wins in a season, but the Dodgers rest their stars so often and coddle their starting pitchers so much with short outings and phantom IL stints that they probably won’t get too close. Maybe Walker Buehler will be built up to handle 5 innings by the All Star break.
  15. Pretty solid landing spot for Villar. Expect his ADP of 141 to rise....
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