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  1. Agreed. I wasn’t trying to impart any sage advice. It was just a joke that was terrible. I do think there’s something to be said about counting on a player that has already failed twice in a season, but even then I’ve added Hiura in 10 leagues so I’m not even following that.
  2. Batting 6th against Caleb Smith and the DBacks today. I’m ready to get hurt again.
  3. My sleeper pick to have the most value in the Tampa bullpen going forward is the guy they just optioned back to triple A - Drew Rasmussen. I expect him to be catching a flight back to Tampa as soon as possible and I think he’s got the best stuff by a significant margin in that ‘pen. In his 6/19 outing he k’ed 4 out of 5 hitters he faced, threw 18 out of 23 pitches for strikes, averaged 99 on his fastball, flashed a wipeout slider, and had a 52% CSW. He’s nasty. The only knock on him has been his command but he hasn’t shown any of those issues since Tampa got a hold of him. He’s obviously not w
  4. I look forward to reading a Ketel Marte injury update saying it was just a cramp followed by a 2-month stay on the injured list.
  5. It’s a circus. Manfred is truly the worst. I love his goals listed on his Wikipedia page for when he took over as commish: He stated that his primary goals as commissioner were youth outreach, embracing technology, quickening the pace of play, strengthening player relations, and creating a more unified business operation.[14] His batting average on those is worse than Danny Santana’s.
  6. Back today and got the win after letting a couple of Sims’ inherited runners score. That’s the good news. The bad news? Sinker spin rate was down 206 rpms. Curveball spin rate was down 306 rpms. Slider spin rate was down 192 rpms. I think he can still be an effective reliever without the sticky stuff (allegedly) but I’m not sure we see the elite numbers that he was putting up earlier in the year.
  7. I’m sure many can still overcome it, but I’m pretty sure none of my 5 teams are going to sniff first place if Mondesi misses over 75% of the season.
  8. Impressive outing for Sammy. Next up is a home game against Oakland next weekend. Could be a tough matchup as Oakland is 5th in baseball in wRC+ against lefties.
  9. If he reinjured his oblique this is going to be a death knell for many fantasy teams.
  10. He’s given up a run in 3 out of 4 outings since coming back. He’s definitely not as sharp as he was pre-Covid. His spin rate on the sinker has been down a bit so perhaps he was a sticky substance guy. It could also be some lingering effects from Covid or a mechanical issue. Hard to say. Last night he fell behind Lowe 2-0 and left a sinker up and out over the plate and it got whacked. I own him in a bunch of leagues so I’ll be looking to bench him this upcoming week if I have another viable option.
  11. Danny Santana is 3 for his last 38, with 3 singles. He’s got a .459 OPS on the year. It’s time to pull the plug on this little experiment, Boston, and send him off to DFA-land. Give the kid a shot.
  12. First team owner of Aaron Nola. Not a fan.
  13. Rays call up another guy who could be added to the late inning mess that is the Tampa bullpen. Could be a beast if he throws strikes….
  14. It’s been a while since this thread was active, but I’m curious to hear the thoughts of the prospect gurus on here about Jones. I’m a redraft guy so I don’t always closely follow the prospects but I’m intrigued by the numbers he’s putting up at Triple A. His call up seems like it could happen any day and I’d imagine they’ll give him full time ABs since the O’s are getting zero production out of 2nd base (no offense to Patty Barrels).
  15. I've done a lot of fantasy leagues over the year but I don't think I've ever had anything as disastrous as this team I drafted in this sh**show of a season. Here's how my first 12 rounds went: Round 1: Soto - IL stint and mostly a bust Round 2: Machado: banged up off and on and mostly a bust Round 3: Mondesi: played 9 games so far. Round 4: C. Seager: out with a broken hand Round 5: Glasnow: arm fell off when he was no longer able to glue his hand to the baseballs Round 6: Hiura: currently on extended vacation in Nashville after whiffing at a pace that would make
  16. A lot to digest here and I don’t love the flow and format of the article, but here’s a comprehensive guide to the (alleged) sticky substance offenders…
  17. Actually according to Baseball Savant there was a slight decrease in the vertical movement and a more significant decrease in horizontal movement: https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/gamefeed?date=6/17/2021&gamePk=633687&chartType=pitch&legendType=pitchName&playerType=pitcher&inning=&count=&pitchHand=&batSide=&descFilter=&ptFilter=&resultFilter=&hf=playerBreakdown As is usual with him it all boils down to command. He gave up 2 walks, a HBP, a wild pitch and he left a couple others out over the plate which the Astros capitalized on. Even without B
  18. Color me skeptical. This hot streak has come at the hands of some awful pitching with 6 games against the Orioles, 2 games against the Mariners, and 1 against the remnants of whatever Carlos Martinez is these days.
  19. Mike Hill is now a VP for MLB. This is a far bigger problem than just blaming the players.
  20. Spin rate is down again. Could we be looking at the Pittsburgh version of Cole for the rest of the season?
  21. I really wish I knew why I’m still rostering Ian Happ. It’s June 16th and he still can’t clear the Mendoza line.
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