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  1. Desperate for k's so I'm throwing him out in a few weekly lineups. Hoping he doesn't destroy my WHIP.
  2. Can you tell me about DJ's wrist? I'd like to know if it is broken or not. Thanks in advance!
  3. I'd rather have Reyes over Deshields. He's been red hot of late, is batting leadoff, and has been really aggressive trying to swipe bags. I'd try to get him in your lineup when he's facing a lefty as he's always hit southpaws better.
  4. Beckham for me especially if they've got home games coming up
  5. I haven't paid any attention to this dude but is he mixed league worthy in redrafts (say 12 teams with CI,Ut slots) for rest of season?
  6. Would he be available to play on the Nats roster in the postseason? I'd be more excited about adding him in redrafts if he was otherwise I wouldn't expect him to get regular ABs.
  7. Definitely seems like he's not close to 100%. I'm benching for Iannetta who's raking right now and seems to be hitting higher in the Dbacks lineup lately.
  8. More importantly, I think the real question that needs to be asked is how do we even know this Josh Gordon person actually exists? Every year we hear of how this amazing "Josh Gordon" person is going to cost nothing yet produce like a WR1 yet I've never seen such a thing. Then the whole process repeats itself the following year. I think we're being catfished by Rotoworld to get more page visits! (that said I'm in again. Welcome to Meh "Josh Gordon")
  9. Yeah, that makes sense, thanks. I'm guessing they'll limit him to 55 pitches on Monday then 70 on Sunday. I'm desperate for 2 start pitchers with strikeout/win upside but he looks too risky. I'm not sure he'll make it through 5 in either start.
  10. I'm adding as I'm always intrigued by this guy but I have no idea why he's being activated so soon after throwing a whole two innings on rehab assignment. The guy's young career has been plagued by injuries so why throw him into the heat of a pennant race without properly building up enough arm strength?
  11. Seems like a pretty logical choice. I'm adding in redrafts now.
  12. Prime Shields was pretty darn good and may have had a tick faster on his fastball, but yeah I think that would be his upside in my ameteur eyes. He commands the fastball in all 4 quadrants and can locate his changeup to lefties and righties.
  13. Looks like he's mixing in the breaking ball some as the game goes on. I've been pretty impressed so far. He reminds me of James Shields, the Tampa version, especially when he throws the change up down and in on righties.
  14. Starting Matt Moore in 5 leagues. May the Lord have mercy on my soul.
  15. White is already a steal imo. I'm surprised at how little love he's getting in fantasy circles.
  16. Or the inevitable hamstring strain.
  17. Well, right now I'm in the money in all six. If it stays that way at the end of the year I'll work something out with you.
  18. Most valuable post of the season for me! Picked up Rhys in all 6 of my leagues after you made this post. Thank you!
  19. I picked him up as well in 4 leagues. with the current state of my rotations littered with players on the DL he's worth rostering. That said I'm not expecting much. A rookie pitcher pitching half his games in the Great American Bandbox doesn't excite me too much. I'd be surprised if he has an ERA under 4.25 rest of season.
  20. What a great idea by MLB to host a Rhys Hoskins Hitting More Dingers Weekend!
  21. Lined up for a 2 start week next week. On the road in San Diego then at home against St. Louis. I picked him up in several leagues. It'll give me several days to come to my senses.
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