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  1. Yeah, that makes sense, thanks. I'm guessing they'll limit him to 55 pitches on Monday then 70 on Sunday. I'm desperate for 2 start pitchers with strikeout/win upside but he looks too risky. I'm not sure he'll make it through 5 in either start.
  2. I'm adding as I'm always intrigued by this guy but I have no idea why he's being activated so soon after throwing a whole two innings on rehab assignment. The guy's young career has been plagued by injuries so why throw him into the heat of a pennant race without properly building up enough arm strength?
  3. Seems like a pretty logical choice. I'm adding in redrafts now.
  4. Prime Shields was pretty darn good and may have had a tick faster on his fastball, but yeah I think that would be his upside in my ameteur eyes. He commands the fastball in all 4 quadrants and can locate his changeup to lefties and righties.
  5. Looks like he's mixing in the breaking ball some as the game goes on. I've been pretty impressed so far. He reminds me of James Shields, the Tampa version, especially when he throws the change up down and in on righties.
  6. Starting Matt Moore in 5 leagues. May the Lord have mercy on my soul.
  7. White is already a steal imo. I'm surprised at how little love he's getting in fantasy circles.
  8. Or the inevitable hamstring strain.
  9. Well, right now I'm in the money in all six. If it stays that way at the end of the year I'll work something out with you.
  10. Most valuable post of the season for me! Picked up Rhys in all 6 of my leagues after you made this post. Thank you!
  11. I picked him up as well in 4 leagues. with the current state of my rotations littered with players on the DL he's worth rostering. That said I'm not expecting much. A rookie pitcher pitching half his games in the Great American Bandbox doesn't excite me too much. I'd be surprised if he has an ERA under 4.25 rest of season.
  12. What a great idea by MLB to host a Rhys Hoskins Hitting More Dingers Weekend!
  13. Lined up for a 2 start week next week. On the road in San Diego then at home against St. Louis. I picked him up in several leagues. It'll give me several days to come to my senses.
  14. Looks very hittable. Was hoping for something better. Seeing a lot of 87-89mph fastballs with occasional 90-92. Looks like Jon Niese without the curveball.
  15. Tough call. Rest of season I'd much rather have Rizzo since Turner will miss a couple more weeks and there's a pretty good chance he'll come back a little rusty as most players coming back from hand/wrist fractures have diminished strength and therefore diminished production . But if you can keep Trea forever I think it's worth it.
  16. Petty and vindictive but not reversible. It's also pretty hilarious and a move I'd probably consider if someone really pissed me off. Care to say what you said to him?
  17. I'm taking the plunge. You've been a pretty convincing argument. If he doesn't pan out I would like to unsubscribe to your newsletter.
  18. Pectoral strains are not something pitchers can toughen up and pitch through. The two pectoral muscles act on the shoulder and play significant roles in most of the phases of pitching. There is zero chance the Mariners will let him pitch through it. He's most likely getting an MRI this morning to confirm the diagnosis and will be heading to the DL. How long will depend on the severity of the strain. Love the talent but this guy can't stay healthy. I won't be touching him in the top ten of starting pitchers in drafts next year for this reason.
  19. Was it just me or was Estrada crying as he walked off the mound after the final out was made in the 7th?
  20. Owning Howie Kendrick is always just a temporary situation. Heck, he may have pulled a hamstring getting out of bed this morning.
  21. Agreed. I've sworn off rage dropping though the temptation is still there at times.
  22. So my 2 first place teams both lost Salvador Perez for a month or so and I need to pick up replacements today. The waiver wire isn't brimming with excitement. The following players are all available in both leagues except Russell Martin, who is only available in 1: K Suzuki W Ramos C Rupp H Sanchez C Joseph F Cervelli M Pina T d'Arnaud R Martin (1 league) M Wieters Who would you roll with? Pick 2 if Martin is one of your choices.
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