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  1. I've always contended that the fantasy baseball community as a whole (via ADP) never properly bakes in injury risk for high ceiling, injury prone guys like Buxton. If he's healthy in March and has a strong spring training, his ADP will get pushed up again and I doubt he'll slip past 100 in most drafts. He flashed enough upside this year early on that the FOMO drafters will have to have him. I'm sure I'll have some exposure to him next year in the event he stays healthy but if I only played in one league he'd have to come at a good value for me to take the plunge.
  2. His NFFC ADP over the last 139 drafts is 14.96 so nice job on setting the new min pick.
  3. Could be a rough week ahead with lefties in 4 of 6 games this week, including Sale and Erod. I’ll be looking for an alternative.
  4. A few of my favs for the week: Lane Thomas - on fire for Washington, batting leadoff, has 7 games this week against some mediocre pitching Leody Taveras - hitting leadoff more and more of late. Must own in 5 of leagues for his upside, imo Andres Gimenez - finally seems relaxed at the plate and is showing off his wheels on base Rowan Wick - healthy and locked into the Cubs closer gig Jo Adell - expecting a solid September out of him now that he’s getting adjusted to ML pitching
  5. Kluber is a notoriously slow starter. For all intents and purposes this is early April for him. Best left on the bench until he shows something.
  6. Not technically if you go by ADP. Side note, are you registered for a Fantrax draft tomorrow night or just someone with the same name?
  7. Rookie Starting Pitchers Will Break Your Heart staring Luis Patino, Josiah Gray, and Cole Irvin.
  8. It’s shaping up to be a pass catching day for Zeke. I don’t expect much on the ground.
  9. Ok, I’ll put mine in writing: 1. DK Metcalf finishes as the top overall wide receiver with such a dominant year he finishes in the mix for the 1st overall pick in next year’s redrafts. 2. Mike Gesicki finishes as a top 3 tight end aided largely by year 2 growth from Tua. 3. Javonte Williams takes over as lead dog by week 3 and finishes as a top 5 RB. 4. Sony Michel outscores Chubb, Barkley, & Swift. 5. Ryan Tannehill proves last year’s breakout was no fluke and finishes as a top 3 QB. 6. Parris Campbell leads Colts receivers in receptions and finishes as a steady WR2. 7. Josh Allen overtakes Mahomes as fantasy’s top QB.
  10. Not sure if he’s been mentioned here yet, but Jermar Jefferson seems to be getting a lot of buzz for a 7th round rookie….
  11. Frank the Tank at it again, homering in 5 out of his last 6 games.
  12. My pitching has taken an absolute beating tonight. 🤮
  13. Draft Swift in the late 4th/early 5th and prioritize handcuffing with Williams a round ahead of his ADP and sleep easy at night.
  14. He’s 22 years old. He produced a 93 wRC+ as a 21 year old making his MLB debut last year. Yes, he’s been a hot mess this year but it’s only been 83 plate appearances and the number of young players that have scuffled this year has been really notable. Perhaps it’s a little early to be writing off this guy? I’m with Sparty on this one. I see the upside and have taken the plunge. He hit leadoff last game and did well so perhaps they’ll keep him there. He won’t have a long leash though in my starting lineup if he struggles.
  15. If you’re not a top 15 starting pitcher there’s a pretty good chance I’m benching you at Coors. That said, Webb is a top 15 pitcher for me and I’ll be throwing him out there in all my leagues.
  16. I feel like Brock is probably onto something here. This feels like one of those situations where he ends up on the IL soon or after the season we find out he’s been pitching hurt. I hope this isn’t the early stages of his UCL blowing out again but the Padres recent track record with pitchers doesn’t give me hope that’ll they’ll get to the bottom of this. Yu is too good of a pitcher to have this kind of prolonged implosion without something physical going on. I suspect I’ll end up benching him his next start and taking it week to week.
  17. Update: and a homer in his 2nd AB! I’m totally taking him in the 2nd round next year.
  18. Mondesi with a hit, steal, and run scored in his first AB back! All is forgiven (not really).
  19. Players Yu Got Wrong Over the Last Year:
  20. Update: he’s in Kansas City and is working out at 3rd. He’s not in the lineup tonight but I think there’s a pretty good chance he’s in there tomorrow….
  21. Sweet, another week of not being able to start Mondesi. Owning him in multiple weekly leagues has been a real treat this year. Maybe, just maybe we can get 4 weeks out of him.
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