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  1. Sounds like committee time in Toronto….
  2. I’m getting a headache trying to figure out who’s going to be closing in these newly created openings. With a limited number of darts to throw at these gigs, I’m pretty sure I’m going to pick the wrong guy in each situation.
  3. 109.5 mph off the bat. Kid’s got some thump!
  4. I’d say there’s a pretty good chance he gets dealt in the next 48 hours…
  5. Arizona must be “showcasing” Tyler Clippard.
  6. We could get our first glimpse of the Marlins new closer in the post-Yimi era in a few moments. I fully expect Mattingly to troll Bender/Floro owners and give the first shot to Bass.
  7. Expected HRs by ballpark: NYY: 29 👀 I think he’s going to like Yankee stadium.
  8. For those banking on Yimi getting traded I think it’s worth pointing out that he’s sporting a xERA of 4.63, FIP of 4.17, and xFIP of 4.20 and has been especially bad from the beginning of June onward. I’m skeptical that any contending team would want him. There has to be better options available. That being said it could still happen and the situation should be closely monitored.
  9. Yeah, I agree it’s a little strange but he’s only 24 and his 300 plate appearances have been pretty sporadic. Here’s a thought, maybe they’re going to flip him to the Royals for Merrifield? He seems like a Dayton Moore kinda guy.
  10. Toro is under control for 5 more years, including 2 at the league minimum. They likely envision him as taking over for Kyle Seager, who’s a free agent at the end of the year and who also might get dealt this week if they find a taker. Graveman has been lights out but they control him for just 9 more weeks. I think Toro could be a 2-3 WAR 3rd baseman for them starting next year and I don’t believe they have anyone else in the pipeline ready to take over that position.
  11. Doubt it. They’re trying to thread the needle between being both buyers and sellers. They’ll look to trade players like Graveman with expiring contracts while picking up assets that can help this year but are also controllable for future years.
  12. As a Graveman owner I knew this could be coming but it still stings. I’d imagine Presley gets the 9th and Graveman gets the 8th for Houston while Sewald and Steckenrider share closing duties for Seattle with the edge going to Sewald.
  13. I think the fact that a perpetual losing player needs a bizarre, shortened 60 game season to finally finish in first actually perfectly illustrates my point.
  14. Every year this thread gets created and every year I want to bash my head on the computer screen reading some of the replies. Chances are if you think this game is purely luck you are a perpetual losing player that has subconsciously convinced yourself that it is all luck to make yourself feel better about losing all the time.
  15. He really is awful. He’s been rotting away on my bench for weeks. I’m afraid to drop him because it feels like the second I do, he’ll get hot. I don’t know where to find the statistic, but he’s got to lead baseball in runners left on base. I’m not sure why they keep batting him 5th or 6th.
  16. Joey Votto is carrying several of my teams right now. Please don’t let him know I nominated him for the Old Yeller thread earlier in the year!
  17. Hosmer will be 32 this offseason. Aside from the shortened season last year, he’s been a below average hitter in 3 of the last 4 years while defensive metrics say he’s a pretty terrible defensive first baseman. If he were a free agent this offseason I legitimately believe he’d struggle to get a 2 year deal and most likely would end up settling for a 1 year deal for $5-10 million. Even with the front loaded aspects of his deal, it’s an albatross contract any way you slice it and AJ Prellar would instantly become the best GM (or whatever title he’s got these days) in baseball if he were to find
  18. Who are 3 people who have never been in my kitchen?
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