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  1. Yes, unfortunately. He’s got a 68 wRC+ vs lefties this season (146 vs righties) so he’ll probably sit more against lefties. With the way Tampa operates though, even in those games he’ll still end up getting an at bat or two coming in off the bench when the starter is removed. Assuming it pans out that way I don’t think it’ll be a huge hit to his value since he really hasn’t done much anyway against lefties.
  2. Albies initially stopped at 3rd. Watch the video below…
  3. This is a travesty. What an outrage! Tony LaRussa ruined him. That, and sliders. And breaking balls in general. And catching a pop fly or fielding a grounder. And running. But mostly TLR!
  4. This kid is going to be a superstar with an all around game….
  5. It did. Much friendlier matchup against the road Rockies.
  6. Tyler Wells is intriguing to me. He’s sporting a 28:1 k:bb ratio over his last 22.1 innings. Admittedly I’ve mostly ignored this bullpen all season but I’m not sure why he isn’t getting a look at closing.
  7. I manage 13 teams. My apologies for not running a pitching planner for all 100 pitchers I roster.
  8. Ugh. Didn’t look that far ahead but that’s pretty gross. Thanks.
  9. He’s on my bench for sure. The ball has been flying out of that stadium the last couple days and with a pitch count I just don’t see the upside. Hoping for a good outing so I can comfortably roll him out in a two start week next week.
  10. What a shock, Aaron Nola can’t navigate through the triple A Yankees’ lineup.
  11. I’m thinking Trevor May gets the next save opportunity.
  12. I don’t know what the data says but to my eyes home runs and scoring are way up since the all star break. My complete lack of trust in Manfred and how MLB operates is making me think they changed the ball again (I’m not normally a conspiracy guy).
  13. He was actually picked up and started in quite a few Yahoo leagues so congrats to those who won this round of Russian roulette.
  14. FWIW, White Sox have a doubleheader in Chicago tomorrow against the Twins. It wouldn’t surprise me to see them bring him back for it.
  15. All of his injuries (at least that I found in a quick google search) have come playing the field. LaRussa has already hinted at playing him at DH so if he follows through with that it’ll greatly reduce his injury risk. It’s not like Eloy is some elite defender. Putting him in the OF when the team has a great shot at a World Series ring would be one of the dumbest things possible. Go get Gallo or Starling Marte, put Eloy at DH and go get that ring.
  16. Bomb at Triple A today. He’s getting close….
  17. What are your projections for him rest of season?
  18. No, he sucks. He’s faced 3 straight cold offenses. I hope he gets added across all my leagues.
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