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  1. 8 minutes ago, Tommy Lee Jones said:

    I sold him short.  .875 OPS and a 145 weighted runs created while batting an even .200.  This is the ultimate “okay boomer” when you see people of a certain age criticizing him, because stats on the back of a baseball card would indicate that he flat out sucks.

    145 wRC+ with a .203 batting average. Pretty crazy to see those numbers together. I wonder how many times Billy Beane has tried to acquire him over the years?

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  2. I'm normally not one for making trades before the start of the season but when the CMC owner makes him available I'm giving it serious consideration. Based on conversations I've had with him I think an offer of D. Hopkins, Mike Davis, and Trey Lance for CMC would get it done.


    It's a 12 team, ppr, redraft $$ league.

    Here's my roster:

    QB Russell Wilson

    RB1 Zeke Elliott

    RB2 Mike Davis

    WR1 D-Hop

    WR2 Terry McLaurin

    WR3 Mike Evans

    TE Kyle Pitts

    Flex Mike Williams

    Bench: T. Sermon, T. Pollard, M. Jones Jr, G. Bernard, T. Lance, N. Agholor, R. Moore, J. White, and P. Campbell.

    It's a 3 for 1 deal which is fine because I'm going to have to drop 2 bench guys anyways before the start of the season to pick up 2 IDPs.


    Here's how my team would look after the deal:

    QB Wilson

    RB1 CMC

    RB2 Zeke

    WR1 Scary Terry

    WR2 Mike Evans

    WR3 Mike Williams

    TE Pitts

    Flex: one of the above bench guys


    Try to swing the deal or stand pat?


  3. I recently added in a bunch of leagues. Hoping he’s Mondesi-lite without the power but also without the connective tissue disorder.

    Side note: I’m kinda excited about the Royals next year:

    c - Perez 

    1b - Pratto

     2b - Lopez

    ss - Mondesi 

    3b - Witt Jr

    of - Merrifield, Benintendi, and Isbel/Olivares 

    dh - Santana

    Obviously not going to be a powerhouse but they’ll be exciting and fantasy relevant at almost every position.

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  4. 8 hours ago, mavsfan23 said:

    Any news on him returning soon? I'm sure there's lots of us debating between Tucker and Myers in weekly leagues. If Tucker comes back it makes Myers' PT a little more questionable, but they could both potentially be starts in this week if Tucker is back. Would much rather just roll with the safer bet in Tucker if he's back. McCormick's injury could clear it all up very easily, but it's risky business in the Houston OF this week. 


  5. Not surprised he had a nice outing vs the White Sox today. Small sample size warnings apply, but he seems to be developing some pretty heavy splits. Entering today he had a 1.83 ERA at home and 6.92 on the road. Lefties have a .406 wOBA against him while righties have a .247 wOBA. He looks to be lined up at Baltimore next week according to Fantrax. While it'll be on the road, B-more ranks 28th in wOBA vs R and 25th in wRC+ vs R so I'll probably trot him out there. He's only a matchup play for me and definitely not a set and forget guy.

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  6. 16 minutes ago, jdizzle said:

    I was trying to hold on to Kimbrel as long as I could thinking he would get some save opportunities but he’s not at all. In save only leagues he’s a drop right?

    Yep. Only 6 weeks left in the season. No reason to keep holding in a saves only league unless you need help with ratios (which he’s not even helping with at the moment).

  7. 2 minutes ago, weakkneeswilly said:

    Hell yes. 

    Hell yes? That’s very definitive. Either you’re the biggest Chaz McCormick fan in the world or you misinterpreted my question and somehow thought that I didn’t think Tucker is a guaranteed starter, which obviously he is.

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