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  1. It looks like Judge was the Yankee that tested positive at the All Star Game. This could have significant ramifications not only for the Sox/Yanks series this weekend but for all the other players and coaches that he came in contact with at the ASG.
  2. What happens if there are 3 more positives tomorrow?
  3. Sigh. Weekly leaguers might want to consider the idea of benching Red Sox and Yankees for this (abbreviated) week.
  4. More confirmation that he’s getting called back up!
  5. Yay! I can post in his thread again!
  6. The thing about the RW forums is that no one in the site’s history has ever been a sell high candidate. Whenever someone has floated that idea in a player thread it’s always met with one of two responses- either “no way I’m selling this player, he’s a top x player” or “no one would ever give full value in return.” If you believe someone is a sell high, trust your gut, not owners that are overly optimistic in a player thread. And for the record, not everyone laughed at your idea. I agreed with it and said that if I could trade in my leagues I would’ve been making some offers with him invol
  7. Bellinger is 26, Abreu is 34. Take the youth and upside.
  8. At this rate I think it’s possible we see him at the major league level at the start of next week!
  9. It’s not easy being a Royals fan. I have to continually be thankful that GMDM helped bring a WS ring, but the guy makes one head scratching move after another.
  10. I’ve made it a point not to rage drop this year but Chad Green is really scratching that old itch.
  11. I don’t want to be Debbie Downer but Margot is due back in 2 weeks. Unless he catches fire soon I don’t think it’ll matter if he gets OF eligibility. The timing of the all star break isn’t doing him (or us fantasy owners) any favors.
  12. Now that Major League Baseball has addressed the sticky substance issue, I’m hoping next they can get around to Robbie Ray’s tight pants and boys medium jersey.
  13. He’ll be at most risk for reinjury in his first couple months back so I wouldn’t expect a ton of steals next year. He’s young enough that I expect a full recovery. After next year I’d expect him to have no restrictions but I would also expect some normal age-related declines to start applying though he’ll only be 25 so the drop off won’t be too steep.
  14. I took the plunge in 5 outfielder leagues. Have you heard any chatter of him getting dealt at the deadline? I’d feel a lot better about owning him if he got dealt out of Arizona. He’d be a nice fit for the Yankees or White Sox, imo (though I realize NL only owners don’t share that view).
  15. I’m really struggling with whether to keep or drop Clase in Hiura in redrafts. I have 13 teams and 8 or 9 shares of each. I’ve made some really dumb drops this year and I’m striving to make better decisions in the 2nd half. By hanging onto these two I’m missing out on waiver wire pickups like Hembree, Suarez, Webb, McKenzie, etc. Hiura was great for his 1st week back but he’s now striking out a ridiculous amount and losing time to Tellez. Clase seems to be Tito’s choice for the 8th inning at the moment but that could always change. Hold tight and be more patient or their outlook isn’
  16. Did we just get 3 saves in the last 4 days from Heath Hembree? Why yes, yes we did. Will rostering Heath Hembree damage our ERAs and WHIPs in the future? Probably. But for now he’s pitching like a boss and we’re going to enjoy the ride.
  17. I’ve seen enough, he’s ready!
  18. I’ll take “Bad Takes” for $100, Alex.
  19. I have a sinking feeling he’s going to get the Edward Olivares treatment this year.
  20. Triston McKenzie looks like the pitcher we saw the first handful of dominant starts last year. Velo was ⬆️, spin rate ⬆️, and command much better.
  21. 6 weeks barring any setbacks so approximately August 21st. He’ll need to start playing catch, then increase the distance for catch, then progress to throwing bullpens, then face live hitters, then go on a rehab assignment.
  22. Plesac had a non displaced fracture in his thumb. Bieber has a rotator cuff strain and still isn’t playing catch. Two completely different scenarios.
  23. Almost zero chance for an early August return if he’s not playing catch yet.
  24. This will likely be a tough bullpen to nail down if they end up as sellers. I’ll throw in 2 other names to add to the mix - Rowan Wick if he gets healthy soon and Ben Leeper, who’s on the verge of a call up.
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