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  1. Who forgot to remind the diamondbacks there’s a trade deadline today?
  2. Let the arguing commence between Kimbrel and Hendriks owners!
  3. I’m going to be really bummed when all my Ranger Suarez shares become useless.
  4. More than less likely? Thanks for clearing that up, Joel.
  5. I do and I’m stashing him today in the event Minnesota creates an opening for him. He’s a 23-year-old with 1841 professional plate appearances. He’s showing excellent plate discipline to go with this blossoming power. There’s not much more he needs to do down there and I can’t see Minnesota delaying his call up to the end of April 2022 so there’s not a whole lot to gain in service time manipulation. He’s not on the 40 man roster so hopefully the twins get busy today selling off some dudes.
  6. I’m going to be really bummed when Trevor Story ends up in Oakland tomorrow.
  7. In the same boat with multiple shares. I feel like I have to keep holding to see how it plays out, but now that’s 1 less roster spot to use on the next potential waiver wire closer.
  8. Fairbanks just went on IL. Nick Anderson is probably a week away. Kittredge has pitched well all season so he could be in the mix. All that adds up to a Tampa committee approach. or maybe they just say f it and go get Kimbrel and deal some of their prospect capital and have the Cubs send money to stay within their budget.
  9. Weirdly enough Romano has been better against lefties this year while Hand has been better against righties. Montoyo’s oversized cranium might explode trying to figure this one out.
  10. Sounds like committee time in Toronto….
  11. Voit to Colorado in a swap for Story, please.
  12. I’m getting a headache trying to figure out who’s going to be closing in these newly created openings. With a limited number of darts to throw at these gigs, I’m pretty sure I’m going to pick the wrong guy in each situation.
  13. 109.5 mph off the bat. Kid’s got some thump!
  14. I’d say there’s a pretty good chance he gets dealt in the next 48 hours…
  15. Arizona must be “showcasing” Tyler Clippard.
  16. We could get our first glimpse of the Marlins new closer in the post-Yimi era in a few moments. I fully expect Mattingly to troll Bender/Floro owners and give the first shot to Bass.
  17. Expected HRs by ballpark: NYY: 29 👀 I think he’s going to like Yankee stadium.
  18. For those banking on Yimi getting traded I think it’s worth pointing out that he’s sporting a xERA of 4.63, FIP of 4.17, and xFIP of 4.20 and has been especially bad from the beginning of June onward. I’m skeptical that any contending team would want him. There has to be better options available. That being said it could still happen and the situation should be closely monitored.
  19. 👀 I’m in. Let’s go, big fella!
  20. Only 3 goat gifs since then, too.
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