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  1. +3 catches for 32 yards. WiPo = 0 carries, 0 catches, 0 yards. reminds me of the argument in 2010 when people were saying that steve slaton was better than arian foster. LOL when given the opportunity, powell has looked better than that scrub howling. This is the same team that refuses to throw to larry fitzgerald, but i guess andre roberts > fitz too right?
  2. 6 yards on 8 rushes or something? yup howling is definitely the guy. haahahaha
  3. powell is better than beanie wells. wells freaking sucks.
  4. good game by him, stupid howling and kolb screwed him though
  5. deangelo freaking sucks, at least powell will get an opportunity to prove himself. i think rushing for 7 yards last week gave him more yads than deangelo anyways FOR THE YEAR
  6. yah if you run enough you'll make the dl tired eventually and you can break through with some massive gains. once the dl starts getting gassed you can also start open up the passing game as you'll have more time to throw the ball. powell is the next foster.
  7. he had a concussion seemingly on thursday, does he even start this upcoming sunday?
  8. lol, beanie wells. why hasn't that bum retired yet
  9. special teams and defense. and we didn't see powell during the latter stages because they had to throw to win, but when it was 4th and 1 why the hell didn't they run the ball?
  10. 3 receptions for 20 yards, 1 carry for 7! this guy is a stud. haha
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