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  1. Teddy just missed him on that 4th down play. He had room to run on that play too
  2. My 13-1 team lost by 1.2 after the last fumble/TD facing Eagles Defense. I don't think I'll ever build another team this good LAST PLAY OF THE FREAKING SEASONNNNNNNNN
  3. Did the same in one league and now I need to sweat out the late game. I even picked up Carolina but decided to stick with LAR
  4. Those Bailey FG misses might haunt me. 12-1 regular season now up in the air. Can't be mad about 16 from my kicker but left @ least 4 points on the table
  5. I am making a big comeback on the back of Bailey and then Dez drops that pass causing the INT. Going to hurt!
  6. Standard scoring - Kamara/Ingram/Melvin Gordon - Leaning Gordon and Kamara
  7. My team in 12 team standard league. No trades all year. 12-1 regular season, playing for the 'ship this weekend Drew Brees (Drafted) Alvin Kamara (Drafted) Melvin Gordon (Drafted) Mark Ingram (Drafted) Adam Thielen (Drafted) Tyreek Hill (Drafted) Dez Bryant (Drafted) Ertz (Drafted) Bench: Diggs (Drafted) Funchess (Free Agent) McCaffrey (Drafted) Josh Gordon (Free agent)
  8. Funchess would have salvaged the day had he held onto the TD. Had it caught but couldn't handle the big hit. 7.5 point swing
  9. Left Rams Defense on the bench, started Dede Westbrook over Robert Woods, and had Antonio Brown get hurt. Thought I was done. Then, Gronk and Robbie Gould do the impossible, Gronk gets over 150 yards to give me a 10 point bonus, Gould hits a FG to give me the lead, Big Ben gets intercepted so Boswell can't kick a FG. Going to the finals in both leagues thanks to that sequence and Ingram's 50 Yard Garbage time TD
  10. Benched Melvin Gordon for Mark Ingram/Kamara. That's what I get for going against my #1 pick
  11. Benched Gordon for Ingram. Regretting it now. Gordon looks to be running well tonight and they have been feeding him
  12. Need bad game from Rivers. Big game from Tyreek Hill
  13. Thanks, that is how I was leaning. Hoping Saints don't lay a dud as I also have Brees
  14. Standard League Tight End - Ertz or Delanie Walker WR - Need 3 - Tyreek Hill/Funchess/Thielen/Diggs/Dez Bryant/Josh Gordon (Leaning towards Hill/Thielen/Funchess) RB - Need 2 - Ingram/Kamara/Melvin Gordon
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