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  1. In a 20 team dynasty league. I get to keep 8. The team with Albies wants one of the following from me for him; Bregman (which would be silly) Benintendi (not happening) Trevor Story (playing like his former self) Devers (who I just traded Pham and upgraded pick for) So it looks like Devers would be the man to trade for him but he’s projected to be a mvp in the future...do I maybe do Story instead for Albies and package? It it would be amazing to have Albies, Devers, Bregman, Benint but Story...what’s the story end going to be?
  2. And Dee Gordon with a 3rd rounder for Blackmon Cano and a 7th Keeper league where my OF is Harper Beninteni Springer Blackmon and I have crap SP
  3. Love when posts get deleted without explanation when you're contributing to a thread.

  4. I wasn't impressed with MLB tv last year and cannot justify paying its price this year.
  5. Yeah, move to Canada. Works for me!
  6. You don't want to watch Voggel and his 25 pitch first inning...
  7. Here in Canada at least, the game is showing solid black for the teams playing.
  8. You baby, you.

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