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  1. Turns out Jeff Branson was actually as bad as we all thought
  2. JB Shuck is getting some work in AAA. He throws low 90s with some cut. Definitely a guy to look at in OF/P leagues.
  3. He's pretty much one or two hopped every throw to the cutoff man so far. They said coming into the season he was going to have to throw to the cutoff man for every throw because he didn't have the strength to throw from the outfield to second sharply. He's had a pretty good arm in the past, but not many throws have much zip on them this year, so far anyway
  4. He's past rookie status, but Lucas Sims is striking out over a third of the batters he's faced in AAA so far this year
  5. The issue with the shoulder isn't showing up on the fantasy sheet but anyone who's seen him throw to a cutoff man this year knows that the shoulder is still a big issue
  6. They face a lefty today and 3 more against SD. I'm sure he'll sit at least once again vs the Padres as well. I don't think it'll really get better when Dickerson and Chisenhall get back. The playing time time is likely going to be an issue
  7. As I said in the last years thread, dont overlook the addition of new hitting coaches and the subtraction of Branson... Bell looks way more consistent at the plate this year than he did last year. An absolute beast in OBP or point leagues The offense has been pretty terrible this year but its hard to imagine it gets much worse. Dickerson is due back and I'm guessing at some point the Pirates will get some production out of SS, 3B, and C. Maybe not much, but some. That oughtta help his numbers a bit
  8. Melky Cabrera was 1-11 against Waino entering today... I'm gonna go ahead and say it was a planned day off and not a BvP thing.
  9. The velocity dip can't be explained away by better command now
  10. Collided with the LF wall, obviously in pain after it but stayed in to finish the inning. He's been removed now though. Something to monitor, the fact that he didn't come out immediately seems like it's probably precautionary
  11. They're using him in a relief role these days
  12. Yeah, Brault was sent to the minors a week ago so I'm assuming he'll have a very short leash. Really the only AAA option is Keller because of Brubaker's injury. They could dabble with someone like Rookie Davis if they really wanted too, but Keller seems like the next man up. Kind of don't think he gets the opportunity though, with Archer due back soon.
  13. Brault and Kingham have been announced as starters
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