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  1. f--- f--- Corey Davis and Keenan Allen. If I can’t manage a Samuels miracle I’m going to be in a bad bad spot. Need Gurley and Kittle. Down 39 with those three left to go. He ran the Falcons defense and, of course, Henry. He has Ingram left. Jesus.
  2. Yea but he posted in this thread expecting us to say he got robbed or something and had bad luck. The better team won.
  3. Youre not going to want to hear it but that second team is a much better team than yours.
  4. He got hurt walking off the plane! (I kid I kid) This does explain the random guy in my league who added Christian Adames, though, unless he thinks he can play OF with CarGo gone soon.
  5. Just call MLB:AM and demand a refund/discount. Raise a little hell.
  6. If you threaten cancellation they'll appease you.
  7. I called MLB Advanced Media, asked for a discount. They said none were available. I called back and got a different rep. Asked for where to input a promo code I found online, said none currently work outside of partnerships with subscription services like Baseball Prospectus. In an 0-2 count, staring at a month of no MLB.TV, I scored the full season for 99.99. I pulled the "I've been a customer for years" card and it worked. So guys - call and complain if you can't wait.
  8. Anyone who is waiting for a coupon I recommend stalking slickdeals and also 9to5 for any coupons. 9to5 offered the 57 dollar coupon in late May last year. Also it doesn't hurt to call and harass MLBAM
  9. I'm going to sit here patiently and wait for a coupon. It comes every year.
  10. Anyone find any coupons or anything this year? Best I have is a 20% off coupon for law enforcement and military/government employees...
  11. I respect your opinion, I still think Melvin is a moron. And I hope his bonehead mistakes force him out of the playoffs. And I'm not "armchair managing." I'm criticizing him before he fails not after the fact really. Which is what i consider armchair managing - criticizing when something goes wrong. Straily looks good and I get managing his pitch count. That wasn't my problem.
  12. Actually it's not. There's a direct correlation between a manager's bone head decisions and winning or losing games. So yes, I do hope they lost a ton of games down the stretch because of their bonehead manager and I hope he gets fired for managing the bullpen like a 12 year old playing MLB THE SHOW. Cook is warm. Doolittle allows a baserunner. Righties due up. Ryan Cook has a .439 OPS against vs righties. Doolittle .625 and already at 20+ pitches. I get that Castro is up now and all but a smart manager likely brings in Cook to pitch through the righties in the 8th and match up with Doolittl
  13. I didn't know that. I've watched a bunch of A's games because I own Cespy but I guess I never picked up on that. He's a pretty crappy bullpen guy. And it's infuriating to own some of these starters on the A's. I just don't get why he doesn't manage more aggressively. You have a ton of good arms out there. Try and match up with Sean lefty/lefty occasionally. Jeez.
  14. I don't play head to head. I just think it's idiotic managing and it's not the first time it has happened. Even the announcers commented on the peculiar complacency the A's are showing. Why are you pretending you have a 10 game lead on the Rangers? You're up one game. And 4 in the WC. You can very well miss the playoffs. Manage these 2-0 games like 2-0 games.
  15. So fighting for a playoff spot the A's decide to pull Straily after 103 pitches - ok. Now, with Otero pitching like crap, they decide to give him a heck of a leash as he falls behind every hitter - I don't see anyone warming. I hope they miss the playoffs. Otero promptly boots what would have been an easy DP or an easy out at home. 2-1. Unreal. At least they pull this guy now.
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