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  1. Strong sit, has not been sharp recently and his numbers at Fenway are not good.
  2. Should see an update later this week. https://www.cleveland.com/tribe/2019/06/cleveland-indians-injury-updates-on-corey-kluber-mike-clevinger-and-bradley-zimmer.html
  3. Should receive an update in the next few days I would hope.
  4. Total speculation, but with the way he's been hitting on his rehab, I think when they return home on 8/1 is a real possibility.
  5. So i guess last year's avg/ops was a fluke? 7 fewer sbs, and 66 points lower on his ba in about the same number of abs. Just a sophomore slump or is he just another speed guy who can't get on base enough to steal bags?
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