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  1. This thread shouldn't be active. It's embarrasing to the history of football to compare a legend to a choker.
  2. There's an odor of low IQ in this forum. I tell about Brady leading 3 clutch 4th quarter TD drives in the playoffs the last 2 years against statistically 2 of the best defenses in NFL history and I "can't defend my position." Maybe I should've pointed out Manning's 3 touchdown passes in his last 4 postseason games. No, not worth it.
  3. Impreza, anyone who focuses on stats is either a kid or an idiot. I'm not calling you either one of those, since I don't know what you focus on, I'm just stating a fact. Brady wins big games. Manning doesn't. Manning's defense wins big games, but he doesn't. Two years ago, Brady led two 4th quarter TD drives against a Seahawks defense that was #1 in the league in points & yards allowed by a wide margin. Two clutch TD drives against one of the best defenses ever. Last year, in the AFC Championship, Brady leads a clutch 4th quarter TD drive against the Broncos, the #1 D in the leagu
  4. "Manning dragged one of the worst defensive units ever to a superbowl win." Don't EVER listen to fanboys. The Colts defense in '06 was dominant. In the 1st two rounds of the playoffs, they gave up 14 total points and 387 combined yards of total offense. Freeney & Mathis were the '06 version of Miller & Ware. Unblockable. Here are some of Manning's playoff gems: - lost to Jets, who didn't even make the Super Bowl, 41-0 - threw 4 interceptions in a 24-14 loss to the Patriots - couldn't find the end zone in a 20-3 loss to the Patriots - threw the sealing interception in th
  5. Mistake: Rotoworld doesn't understand it's target audience. We are football fans, not cutesy theatre majors. How many of you know off-hand the meaning of the French phrase "fait accompli"? The fact that they used that in an official news update reinforces my belief that the staff would be better off writing romantic comedies or poetic lyrics for lounge singers at lesser-known Vegas casinos than fantasy football updates. I only come here for the facts. I wish they'd just ditch the personal opinion because it's rarely entertaining and even more rarely useful. Still overjoyed that they rele
  6. I'm new so I don't exactly know how to PM. Got any spots left?

    1. cowbell204


      I may have a spot left, I'm not sure. I'll try to let you know in the next day or two. I'll need your email then if I do have room.

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