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  1. His talent was proven and well documented coming out of Auburn, and man you saw it his rookie year. He really showed his explosiveness, then. I would bet what is showing your more slumping numbers is when taking into account last year. It's not like he was setting the world on fire before he got hurt last year. He was finally getting his three down role and you just didn't see the consistent production, creating yards and moving defenders forward for extra yards. I think it would be more fair to post his YPC and YPR as opposed to his yards per game, because he was held back his roo
  2. yeah, talent is off the charts, he was fun to watch last year. But new staff, and extremely unproven QB that looked overmatched more times than not last season leave a good amount of worry. "upside WR3" is about the best label i can give him going into 2020. At the right price i'd still take him next year, but i don't know if Haskins really has what it takes at the NFL level long term. But Terry's best quality was producing, even in tough matchups with the suspect QB play. He'll still be usable WR3 next year worst case.
  3. im not hopeful. But Seattle should be more hopeful in reality than i am in fantasy. He'll be a solid asset as long as healthy and "not high" in that offense. Metcalf being an early draft pick im not convinced he immediately takes his role or the bulk of his targets. The best takeaway as mentioned is that he pairs with one of the best arms and deep balls in the game. But lack of volume will make him an upside WR3 every week and that is an all out best case scenario barring some crazy slew of injuries, and even upside WR3 status is weeks away IF that pans out where you'll be throwing him out the
  4. Yes he should be started over guys like this, but this is right in his range, tough matchup with Keenan expected back. Temper expectations.
  5. that monday night after the titans game when we dropped to 3-5 I thought we were toast. To rip off five straight was shocking to see from this team, tbh. This type of momentum is the kind you want to hop on for fantasy purposes, tack on no scary matchups coming, Zeke, Dak and Amari owners basically need to just keep them in as starters. I'm not sure what it is about Amari in dallas but i agree, somehow he has turned into a very consistent player, and it's been a joy to watch. His elite route running goes perfectly with Dak who is a QB that needs his WR's to get seperation as he'll never have e
  6. I can't believe i never saw the screen to zeke last week, that's been a really solid playcall for us. And Dak gets those points. Tack on Rush TD upside and i'd agree. Did you see his rush TD against Washington on thanksgiving? Was a thing of beauty.
  7. I'd tell you you should pick up Wentz for your playoff push, but his schedule is far from rosy, and as long as Coop has a star on his helmet, i agree he's a low end QB1.
  8. in my matchup to get to the championship two week playoff i won by three points (thanks to the Zurlein 40 yard miss, whew). Woke up monday morning and was somehow only up by 1pt! Still got in though. I hear those haunting nightmares and it seemed it was almost me.
  9. his passing game usage is what is taking him from elite to the no1 overall discussion. No one should say you're crazy for drafting him no1 next year. Gurley will be the more traditional choice, but Barkley and Zeke will be right there. I was a the game last Sunday, and didnt realize until i got home, dude had 40 touches. just stupid.
  10. its pretty simple this week. if you own amari cooper, you start amari cooper.
  11. who you starting over him? i wouldnt fret over an illness. ben and martavis are much more promising at home. i wouldn't bench him unless you have a pretty attractive alternative.
  12. Oh i hear you with watkins. Different QB and offense. No pedigree for Goff on who he likes to consistently target in that offense yet. I have my own particular beef with the rams. I drafted Gurley in two of my three leagues last year, and i was pissed off all year. I knew in my heart of hearts with the new OC that he would probably break out this year, but i could not for the life of me pull the trigger on him in drafts and here he is obliterating my cowboys. I really respected Jeff Fisher until he imploded that franchise, good to see a franchise turn it around with a new staff. No
  13. I've gotta say i was overly optimistic coming into this season about the steelers. I argued that Ben would buck the "home road splits" as much of those stretches where he struggled on the road he was either without bell or bryant. Well here we are in 2017 and it's the same narrative. Big Ben just hasn't quite looked right all season despite being decently productive, and Martavis has mind bogglingly been dangerously close to a huge game just about every week this season and only has one solid game to show for it and whiffing 3 times. At the end of the day Martavis is still far from
  14. Not sure how you're getting this. I mean even in his worst week this year vs richard sherman most of the game he grabbed several targets in the 40-60yd range. And this is a cake matchup, trust me i know im a die hard cowboys fan. We've got some upstart DB's that im excited about, but Jordan Lewis, Brown and Chido (even if he plays) still have some learning to do, and will likely learn the hard way this sunday with Rodgers at the helm. Our most experienced stable DB is scandrick and he profiles to be on cobb most of the day in the slot, and he'll even give up some plays from time to
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