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  1. "Wont" means "in the habit of doing something; accustomed." Looks like it's not a mistake... this time.
  2. Yeah I think he will have a nice game, probably get at least 1K/inning if not more.
  3. I have to side with FouLLine about Straily. He's been as dominant in the minors as Cingrani if not more so and he has a better arsenal. I think Straily's struggles are more about pitching in the AL and maybe nerves. His stuff is high quality and I think he will be successful as a MLB pitcher, if not this season then soon.
  4. Love Straily's potential but damn the Astros suck. A 10K+ performance is going to be hard to justify sending him down but we will see.
  5. I really like Straily and would have no problem pitching him against the 'stros; however, my moves are limited and I can't really afford to pick guys up for one start. If he were definitely staying in the rotation, I'd grab him.
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