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  1. This is what I was referring to in the interviews and clips I'd seen. He seems to have some introspect now, knows that God given abilities only go so far... gotta earn it. (You have a kid who came out of nowhere and shot up prospect boards. We're talking "Ronald who?", to top rankings in half a year. Then proceeded to make good on his prowess from the get go in the big leagues, and become immediately rewarded w/ generational money. Damn near goes 40/40 as a literal child, and it's easy to see where his head gets too big. The world was his oyster, and he ate too many heading into 2020.) To
  2. Not overly concerned w/ him yet, but a fundamental change in his swing after the last few years of great seasons is just WTF? I mean how did the brass sign off on this? His success is directly tied to the success of the three uber talented players in front of him, and Freddie in particular. If he doesn't get his S together soon, the walks will start to pile up for FF. The current 5-7 hitters while solid players, are not game changer types and Ozuna better pull his head out quick. Earn that money kid, because you weren't signed just for your bat... it was equally for legit protection
  3. Kidding aside, what a start to the year! I heard (before tonight's game where he continued to destroy baseballs...) that his Avg exit Velo on ALL balls in play this year was 99+ mph. He looks calmer in the box, doesn't seem to be pressing. I've also seen and heard some interviews where he is saying the right things, knows that it's ok to have fun w/ the game and be a kid, but cannot give away AB's, not run out ground balls/ popups, let the emotions get the best of him. Rhetorically he's obviously a top talent, but given the players around him and general excitement of the Braves, I think
  4. This guy is pretty good, didn't see a thread on him yet but looks to be oozing w/ talent.
  5. And Diekman promptly gives up an RBI triple... lol now we have a possible save opp for Lou T? 🤞
  6. Romo promptly gives up a run and is pulled for Diekman... (Important development in order of A's bullpen?)
  7. That's funny, because the announcers in the game pointed out that very fact of McNeil "juuuuust missing" the fastball. I couldn't believe he threw another one, but catcher was set up low/away and he threw a belt high cookie inside to a lefty w/ power. It got smashed! Salary aside, Bass has been as bad as his #'s. He's been timid, consistently falling behind hitters, and just doesn't have that fire to seize a closers gig. Yimi's got a chance to steal that job and gain some leash w/ a few more solid saves.
  8. I'd say Bass crapping the bed twice over probably helped his confidence too... lol What's crazy is the announcers said that Bass is the highest paid player on the team. ( 5 million ) iirc.
  9. He looked good, attacking the count. Didn't look scared like Bass, made short work of the heart of the Mets order converting the save. In closing, he didn't look like a pile-o-chit unlike Bass. It's Yimi's job now IMHO.
  10. He has 2 K's in 3 INN... lol He also is 3/3 on save opportunities, and looks calm, collected, and methodical. I'm not seeing the overthrowing kid who tried to strike everyone out and break the gun, and this is a good thing. He may be maturing before our eyes, and it's always been about his health. He looks to have replaced the machismo w/ concentration, and it will be required for his presumed transition back to the rotation next year. For now, I'm smitten w/ a super cheap closer on a good team given the vast wasteland that closers have become.
  11. I'm not so sure. Bass fell behind in counts, missed the strike zone by up to a foot repeatedly, has blown two of two save chances, and frankly doesn't have the "bull dog" mentality or stuff. That slider is very easy to pick up coming out of his hand, it's more like a tight curveball than a hard slider. When you have an average and straight 92-93 mph fastball as your other offering, hitters will almost look for the slider. Miami isn't going to win many games, and two consecutive failures isn't a good look. IDK if Yimi will succeed, but I'd bet he gets the next chance and has the demeanor @ a mi
  12. Bass (who I haven't watched much honestly) is basically a pitch to contact mid 80's slider kinda guy w/ a "meh" fastball. He doesn't inspire confidence from what I've seen this year. Drop city and run for Yimi if available.
  13. Bass doesn't look good at all... is Yimi Garcia the only other option?
  14. Contrary to the box score, Karinchak came in and prompt;y gave up a rope, then SHOULD HAVE walked Marrifield TWICE! Two pitches w/ three balls in that AB were a good 3-4" ouside the strike zone and were called strikes. Pathetic calls behind the plate, period. Had either been properly called a ball, that would have been two consecutive runners w/ zero outs recorded and left bases loaded w/ one out. I only say all this because Clase would have certainly been called upon to rescue "Karin" and salvage the inning. Wittgren may get further saves if Francona prefers multiple "firemen", but make
  15. Wittgren may have gotten the save, and the future is clear as mud... but if you have eyes, one man looked much much better than the others today. (He didn't get the save mind you)
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