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  1. DAL isn't even covering Sanders leaking out on every play... they know. lol
  2. Sanders has been wide open a good half dozen times today, I mean wiiide open for the dump off! Hurts is very selfish and has run it or not even looked @ him every time. Seems like he loves his stats more than winning? Playground BS.
  3. Well, [... [that didn't age well. Cardinals didn't show up from top to bottom, and so be it. (I'll be having some crow if anyone would like to join me for dinner.)
  4. In the same boat, and thanks to Brady being benched the entire second half, I can't risk the news on Zeke.
  5. I just checked and it's definitely NOT on the DTV package. Luckily my mother in law has a Prime account, but does anyone know if you can use a Prime account like a Netflix login? I.e. can multiple people watch @ the same time on the same account?
  6. Uhh yeah! I don't pay their ridiculous price so I can be blacked out of my team on a random whim! Seriously WTF? How is this even possible? Amazon???
  7. My QB is on the bench for the entire 2'nd half of the championship... thanks Lions for being so inept! Good times.
  8. I'm really not trying to be Debbie Downer here, just adding some insight above and beyond the rhetorical BS that we all read in the 1 or 2 sentence update on our respective FF sights when setting a lineup. I get that many RB's have been hurt recently, and many will have no choice but to play Wilson because of this. Is he a decent Flex play given he's "The Guy" this week? Sure. I'm just trying to warn you as a Mostert owner and die hard fan, that Shanny is very much like Mr. Hoodie in the sense that everything is lined up, yet the FB (Niners have the best BTW), the 3'rd stringer, and the damn L
  9. No dog in the fight, but I didn't think he actually scored a TD tonight. It was very close, and call on the field almost always stands, but I didn't see it. Seemed like they just said whatever, games over anyway so just give it to him. (Then again, the horrible Joe Buck said "There's no definitive look" on Kamara's last TD while the replay simultaneously clearly showed his knee down and the ball a good 6-8" short of the goal line.) The officiating (Blatant PI on %90 of passes never called) and replay have become a complete joke! Sex sells, and Vegas loves them some points, so I guess that
  10. Ok, couple things from a depressed die hard Niner fan. #1 CJ Bethard isn't good! Period. (Neither is Mullens, but Mullens does have a lil more moxie and is willing to sling it when needed. He's the literal king of garbage time stats and that skews his perception for those that don't follow the Niners, and only look @ the box score.) #2 Wilson has been impressive in his limited opportunities over the past few years! He makes quick decisions and hits the hole hard. That said, most of his carries have come when one of the other backs has been injured durring the game (seemingly
  11. No, but it's obvious that the Saints are going to get up big, and Kamara will be the focus all day long. (Sanders will be irrelevant due to game flow)
  12. Sooo, like an idiot, I decided a couple min before kickoff to put E. Sanders into lineup despite my gut saying NOOOOO! Going well so far. 🥺
  13. RAIDERS ARE EITHER THE WORST SHORT YARDAGE TEAM IN HISTORY... or the OC is somehow less creative than my pet rock. Absolutely pathetic given Jacob's abilities.
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