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  1. Anyone else just "burnt" on Harper like I feel lately? Dynasty owner, and I'm very much thinking the unthinkable... (I'm tired of his hair, his persona, his vibe... and he just seems despite the (3) excellent years, that the 5-6 others have been average or slightly above. Not that above average is bad, but he's supposed to be a generational guy, he's Bryce Effing Harper, yet the constant injuries and creeping age make me wonder if he's more of a name/brand than a first round pick sure fire HOF player?) Maybe I'm trippin, but I've passed on so many good offers over the years. Thoughts
  2. Darvish @ 88 pitches through 5 INN, and winning 4-2 @ Coors field. Heart of the order coming up for the third time, and all three batters are the ONLY ones who've hit Yu all night. Of course you leave him in to get hammered, of course ya do. Unreal.
  3. Alex Reyes w/ the CLEAN INN and the save... guy is having a pretty amazing year considering he's walked 28 men and given up 10 hits in 31 INN. Having allowed 38 baserunners yet only giving up 3 ER is no easy feat, but this is his second consecutive clean outing... only the fourth of the year, and I'm not complaining about 16 saves. Hopefully he can reign in the free passes and be the kinda guy found on many winning teams. We shall see?
  4. Chapman screwed him royally! Ground ball that he got a glove on, and turns a double play %80 of the time gets scored a hit and prevented a 7IP, 3 hit, 8K, ZERO ER line. Story of my life this year, I effing give up.
  5. Wheeler is legit, top tier ace for sure. Ian Anderson has had all but maybe two people 0-2/ 1-2 and simply doesn't have the K pitch today or recently for that matter. His FB has been 6+' high a good dozen times today, and the offspeed is staying up and fooling nobody. He needs to find his mechanics again, get that FB worked out and find his changeup. *Edit*** Strikes out next batter lol
  6. It was very nice of the Braves craptastic bullpen to allow each and every inherited runner to score yet again. It's what they do. Pathetic.
  7. I partied w/ Furcal one night in Buckhead at a bar/club... cool cat, and great comp for Brujan! A few years back Brujan was intriguing for his speed potential, but from what I've seen and read he's developed like Lindor in a way... a guy revered for his glove and wheels, who suddenly bucks the scouts and starts hitting for legit power. Tired of the time manipulation for all these young guys, baseball needs all the positives and excitement it can get! MLB has the worst commissioner in any sport currently.
  8. I have this kid in both of my leagues, so I'm biased obviously... but all of these numbers and metrics thrown around make it seem like he has a 4-5 year history and thus must regress back to something tangible. Maybe he's developing fast @ this level unlike most. Maybe he's putting in extra work (as reported) and willing to buck the trend of young players just trying to get by on athletic ability. [...] The truth is, he checks most boxes on the eyeball test and has been nothing short of fantastic! Ride the lightning, and let time tell how this turns out, but he's fun to watch and kicking
  9. Hansel Robles brought on for the save chance for MIN
  10. I dropped instantly in Dynasty, painful as that may be. Not if but when IMHO he visits Dr. Andrews. (I'd say that SD is just refusing to accept reality given his treatment plan he was on, and realizes if TJ is immanent, no big harm in letting him blow that elbow out fully.) What I don't want to see is a Doug Drabek moment... that still haunts my memories all these years later.
  11. Ahhhh lol, Mr. Bradley follows it up by striking out w/ the saddest swing I've seen since... pretty much ever. Grab some pine meat, not your night. (Maybe Ludes are making a comeback? Dunno?)
  12. Bradley Jr. (an outstanding CF mind you) just made the undisputed worst play of 2021 and cost Woodruff an ER. Flyball to CF that was barely to the wall, that only missed his glove by 2" despite the beer softball approach, and he hardly hit the warning track when he pulled up like a freight train collision was imminent. I've seen this guy make hard plays look easy, but he just played this ball like he was was Alejandro Kirk out of position. serious WTF?
  13. MAYDAY for May today, on the first day of May... threw a pitch in 2'nd INN, winced, and immediately called for trainer. Pure speculation, but looked to be oblique or arm to me... he was tilted w/ his right arm hanging lower than left shoulder... no bueno. Definitely something on his right side of some sort...
  14. If every pitch is "very frequent", then we agree. But he would have blown another if Moreland's rocket wasn't caught by the third baseman, who was standing in the 5-6 hole due to the shift. It was lucky, and Brown almost hit it out to center after. It was IMHO, very lucky that he escaped 2 on w/ no outs. Sagnof for sure, but when the league gets a lil more tape and see's this 36 year old (75mph) closer, it won't end well.
  15. First time seeing Valdez pitch and just wow. It's like taping all your fingers together and lobbing it. I've never seen anything like it. Good luck to the owners, but this can't last.
  16. I read a quote saying he wanted to "Aim small, miss small..." Basically said he was pissed that after such a great spring, that he suddenly became too focused on mechanics. Prior to last night's start, he said he was just going to work on hitting his spots and let his mechanics be what they may. Apparently, this was a good move by all parties.
  17. Statcast kept showing pitch after pitch well in the zone being called balls, I can't watch the game, but regardless he should have been yanked after walking Castro who he had 0-2... LaRussa is a hack past his prime. It's inexcusable he was left in, especially when it was a repeat of his recent meltdown. When Giolito goes bad, he's a prisoner of his own mind and emotions. Just Tuuurrrible all the way around.
  18. Gripping analysis, keep it coming...
  19. MVP is fine, average is low but SSS and some bad luck. But like I said before, he's going to suffer if Ozuna remains an auto out. Given his sudden desire to secretly change his swing for zero reasons that makes sense to anyone, I'm not convinced this is a quick fix. While nowhere near the same type of players mind you, Scott Kingery comes to mind as a guy who proved earth is flat... he fell right off the edge after a similar swing change, and years later can't find his original stroke. (No, earth is not flat... but at a BBQ last weekend a buddies dog randomly pooped on the lawn and it sto
  20. One thing in general to add for those in saves only leagues. The best info around here isn't always the analysis, but rather the live updates of WHO is warming in the pen! That 5 min or so heads up has netted me more closers over the years than I can count, as my league mates seem to always be late to the party. If you wait till the box score shows who got the save in a contested bullpen, in a competitive league, you are going to miss out routinely. As silly as it may be, it's those lil real time updates, a simple sentence saying "Player X" is warming in the pen becomes a huge advantage to sav
  21. Having played in saves only leagues ever, I will concur that this thread is no doubt the single best resource for info on the interwebs. It's real time feedback, numerous consistent contributors who know how to tune out the talking heads, look beyond the box score, and take the time to be the eyes for those of us that didn't get to watch. Kudos all around everyone! As for Staumont, he's the guy besides Clase that has made my eyes wide this year. I will say it's kinda funny that both have electric stuff, have the temperament, the current opportunity... yet feel unsafe somehow. Both have mu
  22. I will say that while Holland may have the experience and a few saves, his #'s speak to the truth of his current abilities. If you get a chance to watch what Staumont did today, you will see an easy 101, and a ridiculous 12/6 HAMMER that breaks a good 2+ feet downward @ 81-84mph. I'm taking Kevin Gross, Wainwright in his prime kinda devastating curve. Royals want to win games, and Holland is proven... plus many other good arms in that pen, but MAN did Staumont just ace his final exam!!! He's filthy, long, great downward plane, and I'm getting aroused.
  23. Staumont in for the save chance... (Clean inning, 2K's pumping 101 gas and a nasty 84mph curve.)
  24. Just saw the replay, and Solak literally hit it out w/ his back knee on the efffing ground. (That's a 5-9 second baseman w/ five HR's already, and he's casually hitting them w/ one knee on the ground now... The Clown World continues. Roids much?)
  25. Cease staked to a 5 run lead then walks first batter in bottom of fourth... then gives up 2 run jack to efffing Solak??? Larusa pull him leading 5-2 after 3.1 innings...??? (Was he pissed? Is Cease hurt or something?)
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