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  1. I saw a stat yesterday that he was 3'rd worst contact rate in the MLB at pitches away... a .042 BA. Translation, nothing middle or in and he can't hurt you. The one AB I saw was w/ guys on 2'nd and 3'rd, 1 out... He was ahead in the count 3-1 I believe, then took two consecutive putrid hacks @ sliders away. He wasn't even close, rather pathetic. Shook his head on the way back to the bench w/ a helpless expresion, like he's well aware of the problem but can't figure out how to fix it. (A good BP session where the coaches force him to go oppo only, change his mental approach, is long overdue IMHO)

  2. The only concern is how foolish I feel making a last min keeper change and cutting him... Watched J. Baez steal 2'nd, then 3'rd base in the WBC and got a chubby. Figured young guy about to put it all together on an amazing team for $1, vs. guy who broke out on a horrible team for $10 and would never repeat given the park and surrounding cast. Myers is a STUD, numbers be damned, he's an unheralded superstar in the making! 


    Gonna go cry in the corner now, "baby come back... any kind of fool could see..."


  3. Firmly on my bench today, yet I'm eager to see the results. I figure one of two outcomes... he nibbles after getting ahead and walks the house, eventually one of the big bats makes him pay. Or, he attacks the zone, quits trying to K every batter, and surprises himself w/ a QS and decent pitch count for a change that allows 7 IP and some confidence going forward. 


    I fear the prior, regardless of the advantage that the Cubs have never seen him. We shall see... 

  4. Had to cut bait in a 12 team mixed roto... I'm always amazed how @ years end, the standings are so close in the counting stats department. As much as I believe in him, it's obvious Philly would rather get the fans in the seats w/ the big name draws of Saunders and Nava. 


    W/ a bigger bench I'd hold, but he will sit on WW until he gets regular AB's untouched in most leagues IMO.

  5. Yu's stuff is as nasty as anyone in the game currently. Love to see him go right after guys and show a lil emotion today! Even the two Jacks he gave up were honestly sharp breaking pitches, good pitches... credit x2 to the hitters! Was also nice to see him get right back in the groove and dominate the next five innings. 


    ps, Matt Bush is pure filth!!! If he remains healthy, you can't underestimate the direct benefit to Yu considering the bandbox they play in.

  6. 26 minutes ago, shakestreet said:

     Eddie Rodriquez was dealing in a day game .... zero runs ( one hit)  


    He did defy the day game trend, but having watched the entire outing... dealing is a bit much.

    On the positive side, he used his changeup brilliantly today, threw about 20 and had 1/2 of those go for swinging/looking strikes. Too many deep counts per usual, but was effectively wild. As a strikeout pitcher, I'd like to see him be less willing to nibble away at a K... just close the door and go much deeper in games, trust your stuff kid! He totally lost the strike zone in his final inning, walked the bases loaded and was really lucky to come out unscathed. All in all, this was a very encouraging start for a young talented SP, but his bad habit of walking people when he often times is in control of the count needs to change. You can only get away w/ that so long in the AL Beast. The talent is obvious, wish David Price would get in his ear about being efficient instead of cute. 

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