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  1. Having played in saves only leagues ever, I will concur that this thread is no doubt the single best resource for info on the interwebs. It's real time feedback, numerous consistent contributors who know how to tune out the talking heads, look beyond the box score, and take the time to be the eyes for those of us that didn't get to watch. Kudos all around everyone!

    As for Staumont, he's the guy besides Clase that has made my eyes wide this year. I will say it's kinda funny that both have electric stuff, have the temperament, the current opportunity... yet feel unsafe somehow. Both have multiple capable arms breathing down their necks, but the "stuff" + Opportunity is all it takes. It's how STUD closers are born faaaarrr more frequently than a home grown current MiLB closer. It's rare to even here about a AA or AAA kid that is being groomed for the roll actually, and very few pan out.

    I currently have (5) closers... ALL $1 WW grabs thanks to this thread alone. The (3) I actually bought (Romero $11, Pagan $11, Bradley $6) were all supposed to be the closers, according to the experts, but the real experts are all of us damnit! Go US!!! We rock... keep up the great work everyone!

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  2. I will say that while Holland may have the experience and a few saves, his #'s speak to the truth of his current abilities.

    If you get a chance to watch what Staumont did today, you will see an easy 101, and a ridiculous 12/6 HAMMER that breaks a good 2+ feet downward @ 81-84mph. I'm taking Kevin Gross, Wainwright in his prime kinda devastating curve. Royals want to win games, and Holland is proven... plus many other good arms in that pen, but MAN did Staumont just ace his final exam!!! He's filthy, long, great downward plane, and I'm getting aroused. 

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  3. Just saw the replay, and Solak literally hit it out w/ his back knee on the efffing ground. (That's a 5-9 second baseman w/ five HR's already, and he's casually hitting them w/ one knee on the ground now... The Clown World continues. Roids much?)

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  4. 33 minutes ago, Flyman75 said:

    I remember him being benched in 2019 because he didn’t run out a grounder. And he showed last year out of shape. That doesn’t say “intense” to me. But jmho :)

    This is what I was referring to in the interviews and clips I'd seen. He seems to have some introspect now, knows that God given abilities only go so far... gotta earn it.

    (You have a kid who came out of nowhere and shot up prospect boards. We're talking "Ronald who?", to top rankings in half a year. Then proceeded to make good on his prowess from the get go in the big leagues, and become immediately rewarded w/ generational money. Damn near goes 40/40 as a literal child, and it's easy to see where his head gets too big. The world was his oyster, and he ate too many heading into 2020.) To have quickly internalized his shortcomings and done something about it, speaks volumes to his perceived understanding that he IS a leader not just a dynamic athlete. I'd bet my last dollar that Larry Jones got in his ear about fulfilling promise, and the dedication it takes to become a legend. Because make no mistake, if Acuna puts in the work, his career numbers could be silly given how young he started producing like an MVP.

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  5. Not overly concerned w/ him yet, but a fundamental change in his swing after the last few years of great seasons is just WTF? I mean how did the brass sign off on this? 

    His success is directly tied to the success of the three uber talented players in front of him, and Freddie in particular. If he doesn't get his S together soon, the walks will start to pile up for FF.

    The current 5-7 hitters while solid players, are not game changer types and Ozuna better pull his head out quick. Earn that money kid, because you weren't signed just for your bat... it was equally for legit protection to the MVP. (Chipper needs to take him aside and explain the "team" vs. "me" concept apparently.) It's early, but the Braves success is secretly tied to Ozuna more than it may show on the surface.

  6. Kidding aside,  what a start to the year! I heard (before tonight's game where he continued to destroy baseballs...) that his Avg exit Velo on ALL balls in play this year was 99+ mph.

    He looks calmer in the box, doesn't seem to be pressing. I've also seen and heard some interviews where he is saying the right things, knows that it's ok to have fun w/ the game and be a kid, but cannot give away AB's, not run out ground balls/ popups, let the emotions get the best of him. Rhetorically he's obviously a top talent, but given the players around him and general excitement of the Braves, I think this is the year he becomes the clear and obvious #1 pick for many years to come. Pass the torch Trout, you had a nice run but the lack thereof gives the crown to Acuna.

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  7. 3 minutes ago, BMcP said:

    Yeah, I mean I don’t really hold his last outing against him too much: made a bad selection doubling-up on the heater that McNeil had just fouled straight back - on his birthday during the home opener.  A grounder that Berti couldn’t quite corral in time - and struck out Conforto for the GW RBI.  I wouldn’t be shocked if Donnie keeps him in the mix once his confidence is restored.

    That's funny, because the announcers in the game pointed out that very fact of McNeil "juuuuust missing" the fastball. I couldn't believe he threw another one, but catcher was set up low/away and he threw a belt high cookie inside to a lefty w/ power. It got smashed!

    Salary aside, Bass has been as bad as his #'s. He's been timid, consistently falling behind hitters, and just doesn't have that fire to seize a closers gig. Yimi's got a chance to steal that job and gain some leash w/ a few more solid saves.

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  8. 8 minutes ago, BMcP said:

    I seem to recall Yimi had a late start to the spring and needed some extra time to catch up - maybe that contributed to the “confidence”?

    I'd say Bass crapping the bed twice over probably helped his confidence too... lol

    What's crazy is the announcers said that Bass is the highest paid player on the team. ( 5 million ) iirc.

  9. 4 minutes ago, Flyman75 said:

    Clean inning for Yimi...11 pitches, eight strikes. Did anyone watch to see how he looked?

    He looked good, attacking the count. Didn't look scared like Bass, made short work of the heart of the Mets order converting the save. In closing, he didn't look like a pile-o-chit unlike Bass. It's Yimi's job now IMHO.

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  10. 9 hours ago, street sharks said:

    I'm a bit underwhelmed by the meh k numbers from Reyes thus far. Dude had a 12 k/9 last year and is sitting at like half that. 

    He has 2 K's in 3 INN... lol


    He also is 3/3 on save opportunities, and looks calm, collected, and methodical. I'm not seeing the overthrowing kid who tried to strike everyone out and break the gun, and this is a good thing. He may be maturing before our eyes, and it's always been about his health. He looks to have replaced the machismo w/ concentration, and it will be required for his presumed transition back to the rotation next year. For now, I'm smitten w/ a super cheap closer on a good team given the vast wasteland that closers have become.

  11. 2 minutes ago, Overlord said:

    They'll definitely give Bass another chance after that Houdini-trick Conforto just pulled to steal a win!  How blind do the umpires have to be to not notice a guy leaning across the plate to take a pitch off his elbow pad?

    I'm not so sure. Bass fell behind in counts, missed the strike zone by up to a foot repeatedly, has blown two of two save chances, and frankly doesn't have the "bull dog" mentality or stuff. That slider is very easy to pick up coming out of his hand, it's more like a tight curveball than a hard slider. When you have an average and straight 92-93 mph fastball as your other offering, hitters will almost look for the slider. Miami isn't going to win many games, and two consecutive failures isn't a good look. IDK if Yimi will succeed, but I'd bet he gets the next chance and has the demeanor @ a minimum to attack hitters which I feel Bass lacks. Bass looked scared out there, like he knew his failure was imminent... you could see it in his face and body language today.

  12. 2 hours ago, Wytchclt55 said:

    I was watching this entire game closely ( hope my boss is not on these threads) and it was tight.  Karinchak came in to preserve the win and save Bieber.  Still tied in the 8th and the game was tight, Clase came in.  This seemed to be a case of hey we're the home team and just have to keep them to the minimum number of runs asap.  If we take the lead before a walkoff situation then thats great...and they did and Wittegren was left.

    If there's any minor thing to take from this it's that Karinchak came in before Clase.  I honestly don't believe Wittegren is the closer because of nature of the game.  Clarity will come when the Indians are up 5-3 on the road and and their starter is being taken out after 6 innings.  I do believe when that happens it will be some form of witt and karinchak and Clase at the end.  

    Contrary to the box score, Karinchak came in and prompt;y gave up a rope, then SHOULD HAVE walked Marrifield TWICE! Two pitches w/ three balls in that AB were a good 3-4" ouside the strike zone and were called strikes. Pathetic calls behind the plate, period. Had either been properly called a ball, that would have been two consecutive runners w/ zero outs recorded and left bases loaded w/ one out. I only say all this because Clase would have certainly been called upon to rescue "Karin" and salvage the inning.

    Wittgren may get further saves if Francona prefers multiple "firemen", but make NO mistake, Clase if the nastiest pitcher in that pen, and it's not even close IMHO. (Karinchak's body language reeks of disappointment and lacks confidence! Clase has the better stuff, and his swagger proves it. I was a Karin believer myself based on recent #'s, but not after today. Today was one of those days where if you watched the 7'th through the final out, you would agree %100 w/ my thoughts, because box scores lie.)

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  13. Clase is just pure sexy filth naughty McNasty.

    Having watched both of them today, let alone recent history, one is in a different class. A different Clase if you will. (K was helped mightily by blue to keep from the bases loaded, it's been settled. Francona has eyes, he see's the filth.)

  14. 1 hour ago, ryno1980 said:

    That bomb off Hendricks last night was impressive. He looks stronger overall. Hopefully that carries over to help him on the mound. 

    He uses "leverage" as well as anyone I can remember. Doesn't seem like he squares up most of his HR's, but man does he get leverage and lift on his swing!

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  15. On 3/16/2021 at 4:26 PM, Travis Burten said:

    I'm just wondering if he really is a super prospect in the realm of the Acunas and Sotos. 

    If there's one obvious thing they all have in common, it's the explosion off the bat. These guys don't hit "boring" home runs. All (3) make you want to stop and watch the AB in excitement as they are capable of magic, of wholly $%it did you see that moments on the regular. So in that regard, yes IMO he passes the physical specimen "I launch rockets" eye test like the other two. 

    His physicality and exceptionally quick wrists remind me of Eric Davis in a way, of Ron Gant in another. Like Acuna more so, he just jumps off the screen w/ athleticism. He swings as hard as Javy Baez, but in a more controlled manor... it's controlled violence.


    Will he develop into the high average consistent forces of Acuna & Soto, I doubt it. But he very well could be the next superstar. He's still raw, and we demand such excellence from these kids year one. Chi-sox seem to be coaching these recent guys up right and quality coaching is rare anymore, so that's a positive. Given he's barely 23 and has already displayed his 115.8 exit velo (ranking him 7'th on the list vs. Acuna 13'th @ 114.8, and Soto  29'th @ 113.3) I'd say he's special. If he can hit .250-55, I'd say the tradeoff between he and Soto of 25 SB's vs. a reduction of 25 RBI's & BA points is very fair in roto value... thus yes, I'd consider him a super prospect. "IF" he can learn to layoff the same pitches that plague so many RH power hitters, the tools are just falling out of this kid's belt and it's obvious when you watch him play. I'll avoid specific #'s, it's been covered, but he's got that "it" factor for me the likes of (Acuna/ Tatis Jr./ Soto/ Vlad Jr.) I'm happy to reach for him or trade the little extra to get him now before he's priced out of owning. If he hit's .280+ (just sayin...) his counting stats could be almost indiscernible from Acuna's, who just went #1 overall or highest priced in auction. These guys don't steal 30-40 bases very long, and we forget that. In keeper/ dynasty formats the speed alone for the next 5-7 years is pure gold.

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