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  1. 2 minutes ago, fruitjacket said:

    They're getting killed.  Sanders isn't going to touch the ball unless it's a pass.


    Sanders has been wide open a good half dozen times today, I mean wiiide open for the dump off! Hurts is very selfish and has run it or not even looked @ him every time. Seems like he loves his stats more than winning? Playground BS.

  2. 2 hours ago, StevenSC400 said:

     Not saying that this won’t happen. But the very same thing can happen to RBs like bell, drake, swift, fournette, Henderson, hunt etc. they are all risks in that mid-low end RB2 tier. All year long we have all had to make gut decision of which RB to start in that tier. I personally think the numbers you posted are a bit low. I think his floor is probably around 7 points or so. 50 yards rushing with a couple receptions for 10-20 yards. But his ceiling is also 3 TDs like he had against the pats week 7. So up to you to decide which coin you want to flip this weekend.

    I'm really not trying to be Debbie Downer here, just adding some insight above and beyond the rhetorical BS that we all read in the 1 or 2 sentence update on our respective FF sights when setting a lineup. I get that many RB's have been hurt recently, and many will have no choice but to play Wilson because of this. Is he a decent Flex play given he's "The Guy" this week? Sure. I'm just trying to warn you as a Mostert owner and die hard fan, that Shanny is very much like Mr. Hoodie in the sense that everything is lined up, yet the FB (Niners have the best BTW), the 3'rd stringer, and the damn LT could score before Wilson and I wouldn't be surprised. As Shanny has showed many times in the past, he tends to short circuit and call the strangest plays @ the goal line right after brilliant calls to march the whole field. (I have Wilson BTW, but I'm rolling w/ Pollard instead as my flex FWIW.) 

    For those playing him, I wish you luck. NFC West division games are always fun to watch, but usually low scoring. 

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  3. No dog in the fight, but I didn't think he actually scored a TD tonight. It was very close, and call on the field almost always stands, but I didn't see it. Seemed like they just said whatever, games over anyway so just give it to him. (Then again, the horrible Joe Buck said "There's no definitive look" on Kamara's last TD while the replay simultaneously clearly showed his knee down and the ball a good 6-8" short of the goal line.) The officiating (Blatant PI on %90 of passes never called) and replay have become a complete joke!

    Sex sells, and Vegas loves them some points, so I guess that's where we're at now. 

  4. Ok, couple things from a depressed die hard Niner fan. 

    #1 CJ Bethard isn't good! Period. (Neither is Mullens, but Mullens does have a lil more moxie and is willing to sling it when needed. He's the literal king of garbage time stats and that skews his perception for those that don't follow the Niners, and only look @ the box score.)


    #2 Wilson has been impressive in his limited opportunities over the past few years! He makes quick decisions and hits the hole hard. That said, most of his carries have come when one of the other backs has been injured durring the game (seemingly weekly) and his opponent hasn't prepared for him in any way, so while he passes the eyeball test in small samples, it's those same small samples that catch the other team off guard if you will. The whole "Damn, who is this 3'rd/4'th stringer? He's not too bad!" Shanny has a love affair w/ him @ the goal line even when Mostert was playing, and for the life of me I just don't get it. IN NO WAY does he run angry like Mostert, and certainly doesn't have the speed to stretch the play to the pylon... yet he routinely came in after Mostert marched down the field... and got stuffed repeatedly. While he has 5-6 TD's, he should have a dozen given all his chances from the 1 yard line! (IMHO, he could start for a team, he has talent, but his success has been a cumulative effect of minimal film and unlimited goal line chances.)


    #3. Shanny!!! Like many brilliant offensive minds, the Niners are routinely HORRIBLE in the Red Zone @ TD%. Why??? Shanny gets way too cute and it's infuriating as a fan of the team, let alone the fantasy aspect. (It's quite plausible that Wilson will march the field like Mostert did, then be pulled so Stone Feet Coleman can get stuffed, or "Jet" can have some trick play go horribly wrong. Lastly, they love to run the Jet sweeps w/ WR's or Kittle... Bottom line, when it looks like the workhorse Niners RB should have an easy TD, it rarely happens for the reasons mentioned.)


    #4 This may be the most important of all... The Cardinals NEED to win to secure a playoff birth! They WILL stack the box given this fact, and the fact that CJ sucks (see #1). I can guarantee they will make CJ beat them, not Wilson. While it sounds good that Kittle is returning on paper, the lack of Debo means Peterson can shaddow one of Ayuik/ Kittle and they can double team or spy the other. I just don't see a scenario where the Niners have any sort of a lead and can feed Wilson! Could he get the gifted PI in the end zone 1 yard plunge? Sure, but I see this shaping up as a VERY low floor vs. mediocre ceiling kind of day. 


    My prediction: 11 totes for 37 yards/ 2 receptions for 12 yards... and McGlinchey will miss his block yet again costing Wilson his only TD chance.  


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  5. 7 hours ago, The Big Bat Theory said:

    Also guys that pitched in high school etc were usually star athletes in general.  They were better than their peers down at that level.  They probably played in the field on days they didn't pitch.  All relative.  Once they became professionals they were amid a whole new set of peers who also were stars back in high school. 

    At that point the competition got way way higher.  Thus the need to specialize.  If they moved on into a pitching career they no longer played in the field on days they didn't pitch and when they did pitch they just didn't throw straight heat.  They had to learn and command both other pitches.  They had to hone their craft.  No more playing around with wooden sticks.  Not enough time for that stuff.  Even if they could most of them probably wouldn't be able to hit minor league pitching since they were scouted for what they did best.  Not what they "also did" back in high school.  Hit major league pitching decently at the level of an average position player?  Maybe one in a hundred could.

    I get it, but I guess what I was trying to say is it's almost like they concede the out. The swing path resembles a T-ball approach of "flailing". You'd think they would develop a resemblance of a smooth swing they once had, and make much louder contact on a regular basis given opposing pitchers tend to pipe fastballs early in the count. 

    Anyway, having read all this, and putting nostalgia aside, I've come to realize the days of "NL" baseball are gone, and I'm ok with it honestly. 

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  6. So on a related note... most of the pitchers I played against growing up were great athletes and incredible hitters. I'd say %75 of anybody I played college ball with were previous pitchers, regardless of what position they played at that point, and most everybody could flat out rake.  Pitchers hit up until college/ Milb level, so what's the reasoning for such a drastic fall from ability once they get to the big league level? (I mean sure, they're being groomed at all the nuances of pitching most of the time, but they still take BP, bunting practice, and are around the game daily... yet most become pathetic flailing stooges who look like it's their first time ever attempting to take a swing! What gives?)

  7. 9 minutes ago, Drewfus said:

    ?? Multiple steelers were greeting Barkley at the mesh point on every single running play. I don't like Garrett and thought he should have run more screens for Saquon, but I can't fault him for throwing there. 

    When you have 1'st and goal from the 2-3 yard line, Barkley is you RB, and it's 2 min into the game #1... yet you throw the ball twice w/ an unproven mediocre QB... you lose games. There is no defending this decision, period. 

  8. When you have the best bruiser RB in football, yet choose to pass the ball multiple times when it's 1'st and goal from the 3 yard line multiple times...??? That might explain why you no longer coach a good team. Putting the ball in the hands of a RC (basically) QB and an offensive o-line is inexcusable. The coaches own this game, it was as unimaginable and non-reactive as you can get! 

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