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  1. In need of Darius Slayton to put up 20.05pts to continue the winning streak after starting 0-4 due to a devastatingly ravaged line-up. That's like... 7-90-1ish in my league. With both Shepard and Tate back, along with the nagging foot issue he's been managing over the past couple weeks, my confidence in his ability to garner victory for the squad tonight is shook. We'll need one those longgg Danny Dimes to Darius Slayton TDs to have a chance. Best Wishes to All in your quest to Victory.
  2. TD in every game played. [others returning from injury shouldn't hurt his chemistry with Wentz -- 25% Target Share today]📈
  3. Confirmation on this? Considering giving Patrick the go ahead.
  4. Any reports/indications that Deebo's snap-count rises? Would imagine it increases significantly -- that along with Garoppolo's return should see Deebo have a decent game.
  5. Incredible TD by Sam Darnold -- great drive to bounce back from that awful pick-6
  6. I would stay -- too much. Thanks for the help on mine.
  7. Woods Buffalo revenge-game and Boyd Thanks for the help on mine. Good Luck
  8. Who you got? - Wilson at Giants getting GL carries and some say more run than McKinnon. Up in the air on how to feel on that -- caution on that Met-Life turf for McKinnon????? - MVS in what should be a high scoring game in primetime vs. NO -- Adams doubtful BUT pushing to play. Thanks and Good Luck.
  9. Can't shake this feeling -- will be debating this Flex decision up till gametime.
  10. Anyone listening to the 'experts' saying he should get the bulk of the carries and GL over McKinnon? Anyone feeling good about a FLEX play tomorrow? If the above is true he'll most likely be slotted in my Flex tomorrow. He is a TD Machine when on the field...
  11. Have no source -- injured the hamstring in yesterday's practice. I guess he could play. Have wait to see. [KJ Hamler should be in play if Jeudy sits]
  12. Keep in mind last week Sam Darnold threw both Chis Hogan and Braxton Berrios (know him??) 8 Targets each -- another guy off the practice squad named Josh Malone had 6 Targets. -Hogan signed with the Jets mid-August when WRs were dropping in camp -- he has been limited at practice with a rib injury - Berrios is a returner and WR5/6 at best, who injured his hamstring, is labeled as questionable and is most likely Out - Malone is another Practice Squad guy elevated for the game then returned So... WR1: Jamison Crowder OUT WR2: Breshad Perriman OUT WR3: De
  13. Officially Up -- again, this is a let's watch to see (unless in need of a Hail Mary play), and not someone anyone is 'hyping' as suggested above. He should see opportunities -- let's see what he does with them. [wouldn't shock me to see him play well -- redzone fade for TD perhaps]
  14. Every year I try to never participate in this tread - don't need that kind of negative energy surrounding my squad - however 2020 has in many ways been like no other... With that said, this is my new backfield... ___New Backfield______________Drafted Backfield____ RB1: Joshua Kelley RB1: Saquon Barkley IR RB2: Mike Davis RB2: Le'Veon Bell IR RB3: Jeff Wilson Jr. RB3: Marlon Mack IR RB4: J.K. Dobbins RB4: J.K. Dobbins RB5: La'Mical Perine 2020 Canceled
  15. Believe Slayton and the above WRs are all pretty close -- I want to be cautious in saying cause I'm going against one of those guys and don't want to jinx it. I'm crazy. However, I take Slayton's upside in opportunities over the others -- lots of mouths in Dallas. Just one man's opinion.
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