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  1. I'd through the dart at Hooper Help Here?
  2. I'd go Diggs with Rudolph out and I'm leaning Woods myself Woods related question Here?
  3. Would have to agree on Evans Help Here?
  4. Rodgers for me Rodgers related question here....?
  5. Jamaal for me Help Here? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/688484-this-a-championship-team-whir/
  6. Ertz without even thinking Help Here?
  7. With Foles at the helm I think they might lean on the running game a bit more Help Here?
  8. Rodgers without even thinking Rodgers related question here....?
  9. Rivers has been good but I would go Rodgers too Rodgers involved with my question here...?
  10. Put your best line-up out there regardless of the day they play. Good Luck! Thanks for the help on mine!
  11. Field shouldn't be covered then I'm guessing.
  12. At this point...there's two weeks left, you drop White to pick up Woods. Woods part of a question here.....?
  13. Wait...we know its going to snow in Buffalo?
  14. Would have to go Denver vs. Colts....Miami has looked good ever since my boy Drake showed what he's capable of once given all backfield responsibilities -- think that continues vs. Buffalo. Help Here?
  15. As I Jets fan -- with Petty starting you would have to go Saints Help Here?
  16. Golden Tate @ Chi Doug Baldwin @ LAR Josh Gordon @ Bal ------- Fun to be a part of the club right? Wonder how many Championship teams he'll be on.... Help Here? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/688484-this-a-championship-team-whir/
  17. Dropped my remaining $433 FAAB on Drake the second Ayaji was traded. Went all in! My league thought i was crazy! He saved me the other night with his performance.
  18. NO!! We DON'T want them to go off!! I'm playing vs them! lol...thanks for the input though. It's appreciated!
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