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  1. Take this for what it's worth (probably not much) but someone on twitter claiming to be close to the situation with "good sources" says Gordon will be reinstated around 1pm today. Just passing on what I read. Hope its true but won't believe it until I see it.
  2. It was wishful thinking on my part -- just like everyday.
  3. This waiting game on Gordon's inevitable reinstatement is driving me crazy -- can't help but get this feeling he gets reinstated tomorrow - the day waivers clear - and there is a mad rush to the wire. Well worth placing a couple dollars on him before you go to bed tonight to assure you got him when the news breaks -- he should already be rostered.
  4. People need to remember he was missing his starting OT and OG....was running behind backups. I give him a pass for now. Be different if he wasn't getting the carries.
  5. Let's go Dez, Witten and giving Chris Johnson some Flex run!! Let's go...eventhough I already won
  6. Sproles down with a left knee....looked serious
  7. Just reported on NFL Network Luck is targeting a Week 6 return
  8. Thoughts on starting CJ as a Flex? Anyone going for it. I'm actually leaning towards it with my options in a deep league.
  9. This. Exactly what I was thinking and think it's so on point.
  10. This train has quickly lost some steam....holding until we hear something but I'm disappointed
  11. CJ's latest tweet was a quote from Arians... RT @SiriusXMNFL: "Didn't want to feed him too much b/c he just came back but feel good abt what we got back there" - Arians on @ChrisJohnson28 & RB group He then added lots of food emojis to the tweet...implying he's ready to eat. In my deep 14-Teamer I dropped some FAAB on him, and like Arians...feel good about it -- worth the add as a bench player to see how much burn he's got left with the opportunities he clearly will be given. Could surprise people...especially on MNF where he seemed to always shine.
  12. PPR: down 5pts -- my Abdullah/Perkins vs. Engram
  13. I'd go Rivers Help Here? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/667904-deep-wr3-moncriefj-matthewslockett/
  14. I like Corey Coleman a lot this year. Help here?
  15. Tough one...probably roll the dice with Kamara Help Here? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/667904-deep-wr3-moncriefj-matthewslockett/
  16. Wow, those options are nice to have...I got Jordy Help Here?
  17. As a Luck/Moncrief Owner, I agree that offense is scary but Brissett gives me hope for a decent game
  18. As a Jets fan who hates (respects) Brady, I do that deal Help Here?
  19. Think Marshall has a bound back Help Here?
  20. Like them both obviously but I think Tate is safer in PPR Help Here?
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