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  1. Love Coleman this year but you have to go Demaryius Thoughts Here?
  2. As a Tyreek owner I would never trade him for Hopkins. If this other guy is I'd jump on it before he reconsiders. Thoughts Here?
  3. Believe he'll be gone after tomorrow's game.
  4. Was debating Matthews/Moncried in my WR3 spot tomorrow. Feel pretty confident with Perkins as my Flex, and won't be trading anything for a QB when Luck will be back. I can wait another one to two weeks.
  5. Was looking at CJ to add. Just don't have the room.
  6. I specifically targeted and drafted Perkins...he's not going anywhere, especially for a QB when Luck will be coming back. Smith proved he can hold the fort until he does....and no Breida isn't available. Isn't he a handcuff for Hyde? Who would I drop and why would I for a handcuff? Thanks for the input though.
  7. I'm a bit bias but I'd go Charles Thoughts Here?
  8. I'm real tempted to say Charles but think Sterling is the safer play Thoughts Here?
  9. If he plays you definitely start him. Thoughts Here?
  10. Going against Minnesota you HAVE to go AP Thoughts Here?
  11. A league that shallow, I'd probably go for a Top QB Thoughts Here?
  12. I too have Matthews but I'd go Corey Coleman...had him last year and was devastated when someone stepped on his hand. Think this year he does what I thought he would do last year. Although I believe Matthews will beat up on my Jets tomorrow too. Thoughts Here...?
  13. To all reading, Leave a link and I'll help as many as I can leading up to kick-off. Thank you and I wish your teams health and great success as we all embark on the road to the Fantasy Football Championship. Is this team good enough to compete in a deep league? Where can I improve? What do you like? Thoughts on specific player 2017 Outlook? Any and all comments are appreciated and WHIR. ______________________________________________________________ Pick 14 of 14 - .50 PPR QB: Andrew Luck - Alex Smith WR: Dez Bryant - Tyreek
  14. Having both I'm glad I don't have to make this decision.
  15. One of my best career game management moves: Draft Luck/Cutler...Irma forced the add and start of Alex Smiths best game where he outplays Tom Brady.
  16. ...and those who are longtime suffering season ticket-holding Jets fans who happened to start Alex Smith/Tyreek Combo in desperation are loving this NFL season so far
  17. Helped me as a Luck owner, former Cutler owner, now Alex Smith owner. Keep hitting Tyreek! Kid is going to be special.
  18. Wanted to get this on record before the start of the season: Tyreek is one of the most electric WR in the NFL -- literally can take any touch, from anywhere to the house. Had him last year and made sure to have him on the squad this year with Maclin gone. Season Prediction: 77/1100/10-12 Total TDs, 400 rushing yards Tonights Prediction: he goes bananas....my hopeful thinking anyway
  19. 14-Teamer: Tyrod is gone. Thought pretty hard about Kizer, but with the first game of the season, TNF and having Tyreek made me choose Smith for the combo. Probably the wrong choice. I know I'll be kicking myself cause that's what I do with fantasy. Good Luck to everyone though -- not just tonight, but the whole year. Health. Success. Championships to all you!
  20. Drafted Andrew Luck with Jay Cutler as my 1/2 week replacement... Irma's forcing me to use the Alex Smith to Tyreek Hill combo. FML. Let's GO!!!
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