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  1. Couldn't agree more. Really don't understand the lack of interest with him -- I think he's one of the best value picks of any of the RBs, and will surpass his ADP by a lot come seasons end. Happy to have him. He'll surprise a lot of people.
  2. Andrew Luck plays Week 1 and with his new and improved shoulder, goes on to have his best year. Week 1: 300+yds/4 TDs
  3. Now that Luck's off the PUP he's allowed to practice -- tomorrow is a big day. If he practices, I say he plays Week 1. No reason he shouldn't practice, he passed his physical yesterday and has been throwing since mid-July, plus reports are his arm/shoulder is stronger than it's been in the past couple years. According to Irsay, the only thing holding Luck back is what's between his ears, and he will determine when he's able to play. Luck is a gamer, if it's up to him and he practices then I have a hard time believing he doesn't play. We're not talking about some rookie QB that has
  4. Josh Gordon plays an NFL game before Willie Snead.
  5. Where did you see this? I've read just about ever word on the internet about this Luck situation and no where have I read his recovery is "at least 2 months behind". Everything I read was, "progressing nicely" or "zero setbacks". Luck will be taken off the PUP today and hopefully practice Monday in the hopes of giving it a go Week 1....if he is "mentally" able to, as Irsay stated, it's up to Luck.
  6. Different situation but with Martavis Bryant fully reinstated I'm hoping to soon see.... The NFL has finally granted Josh Gordon full reinstatement following his lengthy two year suspension. A surprise to some in the fantasy world, Gordon crossed all the Ts, dotted all the Is, sold used cars, drank a beer, endured two rehab stints - the later a two month stay he completed as a deal with the NFL - and now finally, after a long absence from the game will be in uniform practicing for the Cleveland Browns. Gordon will immediately becomes a high-upside WR2 play in fantasy.
  7. Take this for what it's worth.... Colts general manager Chris Ballard said during the team's pregame radio broadcast prior to Thursday's preseason game against the Cincinnati Bengals that Luck would be taken off the PUP list by Saturday. “All indications are we’re going to take Andrew off PUP,’’ Ballard said, via Mike Chappell of CBS 4. Then... Colts owner Jim Irsay, speaking to reporters Thursday (via Zak Keefer of the Indianapolis Star), has put the onus on quarterback Andrew Luck to determine when he will be ready to play. Irsay said Luck's "timetable is more o
  8. He started his throwing program seven weeks ago....on or about July 17th. http://www.indystar.com/story/sports/nfl/colts/2017/07/24/colts-qb-andrew-luck-throwing-wont-practicing-start-camp/505505001/ It's been reported that his shoulder is stronger than it's been over the past two years.
  9. BOLD PREDICTION: Have this gut feeling that Luck not only plays Week 1, but also goes on to have his best year yet now that he's not playing on a bum shoulder -- everyone is simply making assumptions based on what they hear and don't see.... - Organization/Luck had surgery seven months ago with the expectation of him being ready to play - they didn't go out of their way to sign a QB - Irsay said. “But nothing has surprised us [with the recovery]. He’s coming along well, like we expect him to." - Coach says he hasn't seen him throw...with a smile - Luck has been
  10. Just noticed... My Week 8 Bye Week RB: Jamaal Charles - Monday Night Football in KC....giddy-up! (If he can stay healthy to that point) As of now, he looks great and will split carries with CJ -- sooner rather than later he'll look close to his old self, while earning a higher share of the carries. That's my hope anyway. Think he'll be one of the steals of the draft.
  11. What are the odd of a Josh Gordon return by the end of September...? - close to 100% - close to 50% - close to 0.00% Is this gonna happen or simply wishful thinking?
  12. Contreras is slotted in my OF, and catches when Gary Sanchez has an off date -- not many have that option though
  13. Today was Taillon's last stand on my squad. Done with him.
  14. Next batter faced: Walk/HR -- two runs, out of the game Still great showing from Danny, and should get the win. Back in the circle of trust.
  15. If Danny Boy has a repeat performance tonight, then he's officially back in my circle of trust. Look forward to see what he does.
  16. Nothing to see after 7 scoreless -- dropping the ERA to 3.06? Other than the last two vs WASH/ATL, he's been great for my staff.
  17. Want to rage drop him right this second so badly. Normally don't get like this...single-handedly ruined me for the week
  18. Cruising at 86 pitches with one base-runner all game heading into the 8th in a 1-0 game...and you lift him??? ...only to then have the win taken on the 1st pitch HR by Miller. Tied 1-1. Infuriating. Thought I might be heading towards a CG SO.
  19. ` I'm questioning the same thing, but as of now its... 1. Holland 2. Rodon 3. Shields 4. Miguel Gonzalez 5. Pelfrey **in whatever order you want Thinking of stashing him in my NA spot. Don't see why he can't crack that rotation.
  20. A damn shame -- pitching into the 9th and gets the loss cause nobody can get him a run.
  21. Seems Gary has been gearing up for the HR Derby in BP or something -- he's been awful looking the past few games 1/15 in the last 4 games.
  22. One of the most under-the-radar, under-talked-about SPs in the league -- as a Yankee fan I've had and enjoyed him all year. If he's a backend pitcher for you then you're in great shape. Should be owned in a lot more leagues. Last 5 outings -- Month of June: 4-0 - 2.59 ERA/1.05 WHIP/.216 BAA - 31.1IPS/31K/8BB Another difficult outing in Houston coming up though.
  23. In the 5 games since moving to lead-off: 8/21 (.381) 5R - 1 HR - 4RBI - 4BB/3Ks...raised his avg for .219 to .234 All is not lost with Joey Bats -- the arrow is pointing up
  24. Someone try their hardest to convince me not to drop him -- tried trading him, and nothing. Rarely ever in my line-up, and there's a pitcher on the waiver going tomorrow I want.
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