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  1. May the Fantasy Gods be riding the Dwayne Train today. Amen.
  2. Punching my ticket aboard the D-Train today (16T). Anyone jumping on with me?
  3. As for Green Bay being the #1 Run Defense... Its been two weeks of: - a Chris Ivory-less rush attack led by TJ Yeldon - a defense selling out to stop Adrian Peterson before he busted his knee They are better/good but to prop them up or be scared to play your RBs against them after only two weeks and those matchups doesn't sway me at all. Game-flow does.
  4. 16-T i'm deciding between him, Ivory and Duke for RB2 and Flex. Leaning towards giving Dwayne a go in one of those spots.
  5. I'm thinking the exact opposite. To me working out Bell is a sign that Abdullah's foot is a larger concern then what's been reported, which is a great sign for Washington. Think Riddicks role remains the same while Washington takes on all of Abdullah's touches along with already having the big-back role locked up. I see big things for Dwayne in the near future.
  6. I was confident to put him in my line-up for the first two weeks...I also play in a 16-T with 3 WRs and a Flex so it's obviously different for smaller leagues. The confidence should be growing for those smaller league owners though with Fuller being the only 1st Round WR in the history of the NFL to have two 100+yd games to start a career.
  7. This was my favorite college tweet I saw on his page. Big with long speed. I'm intrigued. Hope he runs away with his carries this week.
  8. His 28yd run that someone was asking for earlier The many videos from college Washington has on his twitter look much like this run -- only those are to the house Being a former WR he catches the ball well too (preseason)
  9. Fine I actually agree on the height thing for RBs, BUT the coaches preference is the one that matters to me, and they prefer Washington. Also Zenner needs to be active to get any work, let alone 'extensive' work -- while Washington has a 20+yd run and a TD in the chances he hasn't yet had NFL Draft Profile has Washington at 6-2 226 -- that's where I got the measurables
  10. Washington 6-2, 226 Zenner 5-11, 222 Dwayne's got him by a bit -- he's a former WR, in a prototypical WR body, playing RB. He's got wheels too.
  11. Wrote this Sunday morning in the Week 2 Waiver Touts -- I'm in a 16 Teamer so I made sure to make the speculative add before the week ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Posted yesterday at 08:41 AM · Report post Deep Leaguers: Dwayne Washington Rookie big-back/goal line back who made Zack Zenner expendable in Detroit. Coaching staff loves him and if Abdullah gets hurt, its Washington/Reddick. He had a lot of big plays in the preseason, a short T
  12. 2nd player in NFL History to start a career with two 100yd receiving games (Steve Smith, Sr)
  13. As a longtime Jets fan it's crazy seeing a Jets QB recommended for fantasy -- coming off a big year and all the fantasy relevant playmakers we have (again crazy!!) Fitz could be leading what looks like a powerhouse offense. CRAZY!!! May not be pretty at times but in the end the numbers will be there. He's a good play ROS.
  14. First time seeing those two drops. He should have had a monster game! Brock seems to love throwing deep to him. I love it even more than Brock.
  15. The HS team I coach will be facing him tomorrow (get that load early and hands through the zone early in the count boys)
  16. Wasn't expecting to see his name here just yet -- I coach HS baseball and he's from the area. Was actually going to watch him in person on Saturday, but he now has to sit the next few games due to transferring from IMG.
  17. Nice, clean first (9 pitches), making Vernon Wells look silly on the K. Kept him in my NA spot for this start with no one to really drop when I'm in need of some QS and Ws - - (have Pettitte in this matchup too).
  18. Have him in my NA spot and won't be activating him tonight (nobody to drop at the moment) - - looking forward to watching him later.
  19. So is LSH definitely the back to own in Arizona? Powell have any value left?
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